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5 Important Parts of an E-Commerce Website

5 Important Parts eCommerce

Small and mid-sized enterprises who wanted to boost their sales and widen their lead over their competitors are resorting to the internet, launching ecommerce websites on the hope reinvigorating their sales.

But ecommerce success doesn’t come overnight, so much more now that hundreds of millions of websites exist, each aiming to topple one after the other in the search engine ranks. If you really want to storm the online world by surprise and hit and pot of gold, then, make sure to get an ecommerce website that truly rocks.

Now, what makes a successful ecommerce website? Here’s what we found out:

Product information

The first thing that online shoppers will check the moment they visit your website is the product information. That’s what makes them decide whether they’d go shop for your product or not.

Remember these people can’t see the actual product that they are buying, so it’s really important to imbue an image of honestly and trustworthiness. The best thing that you can do is to make sure all the important information is there, complete with high-quality pictures and comprehensive yet concise specs of the product. It will also help to include diagrams, videos, manuals, terms and conditions and after-sales support.

If your developed ecommerce website is selling different products, make sure to subscribe to an industry-standard classification system so classifying your products will be easier and more convenient.

This makes it easier for your clients to find what they’re looking for with ease and convenience. It will also help a lot if reviews are written and posted just underneath the product. This way, shoppers will think that somebody else has used your product and that customer has been very happy about it. That’s another factor to consider.

User-Friendly navigation system

An easy-to-navigate website is a user-friendly website. When people find it very easy to navigate through your website, they’ll definitely want to come back and explore again because they had an easy time looking through all the stuffs.

That is why, if you are planning to set up a website for the sake of selling items online, make sure it’s simple and navigable, while still offering a sense of uniqueness that will make users fall for it.

Take a look at Amazon or eBay. Aside from the great items in stored for shoppers, these top online shopping centers also offer excellent user navigability, making it very fast and easy for them to locate items because the site itself is well organized.

Search Box

A search box is a vital tool that helps users look for interesting items. Make sure that your website’s search box is placed at a prominent location to boost the “findability” and navigability of items.

Most of the time, search boxes are placed prominently, usually on top of the layout to immediately grab the attention of users and make them want to type for what they are looking for, rather than scroll the site and click one page to another.

Different Payment Methods

Make your client’s shopping experience more convenient by offering them a variety of payment methods. While credit card still remains the leading of payment for online shopping, PayPal is also a great mode of payment. Also, try to explore electronic checks and Offline bank transfers.


A picture speak a thousand words and while a lot of merchants are hesitant to invest on getting excellent photography for the items that they are selling, clear and excellent images of the products that you are trying to sell will do so much to help clients decide that shopping for your goods is a great decision.

Indeed, no shopper would dare buy an item off your website if it has no photo. They might even think you’re just trying to dupe them out of their money. If you have an excellent camera, then, a few minutes of taking snapshots of your products are just what you need to boost your sales.

Money back Guarantee

While you are trying to be as honest as you can that the products you’re selling are in excellent condition, still, sometimes, they just won’t work. Unsatisfied clients would request for money back.

While not all time this will happen, still it pays to include money-back guarantee on your promos. Shoppers will see you as an honest dealer and that’s a bonus point if you are trying to build your credibility as an online marketer. With money-back guarantee, you make these people feel that they can totally rely on you and that you’re true to your words that you are, indeed, offering an excellent deal.

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