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5 Proven Ways to Market Your Product through Purchasing Process in 2016

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No doubt, online merchants are spending hundreds of dollars to bring traffic to their website and such thing is great. However, getting traffic is not an enough to bring sales and you have to optimize your site according to user’s convenience so they can easily find what they want.
In this post, we are going to talk about easy and simple-to-implement ways that deliver superb customer experience and drive more sales towards your business.
1st Way: Manage Page Flow Properly
Conversion rate doesn’t increase, if your page’s flow is not properly managed. One of the most excellent ways to know your page’s flow is to ask for some people to purchase particular product from your site and how much time they spend to find approximate product. This will help you to determine whether your site is working properly or not.
Alternatively, you will get to know whether you are asking more questions that require users to create account in your website. If you want to define your conversion funnel, then you can simply by using tools like Google Analytics.
2nd Way: Add Essential Information in Product Page
If you are providing essential information about your product in the product page, customer will love to purchase product from your site. Your product page should have an engaging product description along with tab that contains additional information. Other than this, page should have information about product availability, link to company’s returns policy, shipping information and so on.
3rd Way: Select Perfect Platform
If you want to enhance your online customer service, it is advisable to use the channel your customers mostly prefer. According to some research, it is survey that most of people like and use email rather than social networking, so it is must to choose the most preferable channel that adds more sense towards your business.
Almost every hosting companies know that online chats are bit difficult when your online site going down, however, there are some business users are just fine by using email as their first method of contact.
4th Way: Keep Your Customers in the loop
Mainly, there are two different ways to keep conversation with a customers, who leaves their shopping in the middle ways. In case, customer leaves your store without purchasing but enter their mail address then it is must for you to sent him/her a follow-up email and remind them to purchase product.
5th Way: Use words that attract Your Shoppers
There are some attractive words that encourage your customers to purchase products from your site. These words are Free, Gifts, Instantly and so on. While customer read such words from your site, it will enjoy to purchase products more than they would like to.
These are some of the most effective ways to promote your product through purchasing process in 2016. Do you have some unique ideas to promote product online? We like to hear from you, so share your thought through comment section. For more information about eCommerce development or any thing related to online shopping, click here.

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