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5 Simple Steps to Deal with Unhappy Customers

Unhappy customer

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a brick-and-mortar store or an e-store; you may need to face your unhappy customers, who might face any kind of problem. We all know that no one likes to receive a complaint, but it is true that sometimes, every businessman can get a complaint from their customers.
More than 96% of unhappy customers are not complaining and 91% of them simply leave and never come again on your site. Many times, I feel that complaining customer is better than silent one because customer, who complaints, will get solution, but who never complaints, leave your website and never come again.
Having unhappy customers can be considered as second chance, so always try to handle your unhappy customers wonderfully so that they get solution for their problem and remain your customer. To make your task of handling unhappy customers easy, here I have listed 5 simple steps to deal with unhappy customers:
1st Step: It’s about brand reputation:
In this age of social media, most of the people often turn to social media networks for complaining. Various people are rude about it sometimes, but here you need to handle them with care not by rude answers. You always have to speak politely with your customers because not only he, but others customers are also reading your answers. You need to be kind to protect your brand always.
2nd Step: Handle Them with Grace & Sweet Smile:
First and foremost thing you need to remember while handling them is handle them with grace and sweet smile so that you can make your customer comfortable. If you handle them with smile and grace, it can help your customers to be little cool and understand about your policy if it is beyond your policy. However, policies can and should be bent and even broken rarely to save your customers’ goodwill. And goodwill is more important than policy.
3rd Step: Make Sure that you don’t take it personally:
While handling your unhappy customers, you need to remember that complaints are not personal and their anger is not directly for you, but it’s about company and brand. It is one such fact that you always have to remember while handling unhappy customers as it can help you remain claim and polite towards him. The angriest customer will claim down, if you listen them with understanding and with sympathy.
4th Step: Listen them What they are saying:
Sometimes, your customers always want you to listen their problem instead of arguing with them. You should give them a chance to speak what they are saying and what’s their problem. Remember that it is not about you, it is about them, so let them speak. By listening their problem, you can claim down their anger. You can also use phrases like I understand your problem, sorry that you face this problem as it can show them that you are with them.
5th Step: Take Immediate Action:
If once your customers complaint and talk to you for a solution, you need to take immediate action and you can also explain him/her about each and every step that you are going to take in order to solve the problem of your customers. Make sure that complainer has your contact details and name as it gives him/her a feeling of control because he/she can call you again if requires.
So, these are some different steps or ways by which you can easily handle your unhappy customers and make them happy again by solving heir problem. If you want to get more information on ecommerce solution and such information, you can click here.

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Publish on Dec 16 2013