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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Angry Customers Happy


We all know that customers are getting angry for numerous reasons no matter whether you are running a physical store or an e-store. Approximately 96% of angry customers are not complaining and never showing their anger and 91% out of 96% never come again to your site or store to purchase your product.
So somewhat, angry customer is better than customer, who is not showing their anger because you can handle angry customer and give him/her a perfect solution. You know how you are responding to your customers plays a very biggest role in making different between a customer, who feels satisfied after a resolution and other, who vows never to patronize your business again.
So, it is most important for you to respond your customer very politely so that they come-down and feel satisfied with your resolution. Here you can find 5 simple ways to make your angry customers happy again, so have a look on these 5 simple ways:
Listen Them:
First and foremost important step that you need to follow is listen them what they are saying because they are angry, so it is essential for you to listen them what they are saying and what’s the problem that they face. Before you start speaking, make sure that the customer has vented everything. By speaking, they want to get their frustration and anger out, so ensure that you really hear them and try to understand their problem.
Apologize Immediately:
Second most vital step that you should follow is apologizing immediately because they have face a problem because of you, your company and your product. It doesn’t matter whether the mistake is from your side or from them, you should apologize to your customers to cool down their anger. By apologizing and showing your concern, you can make your customers that you understand their problem and will give them a resolution.
Actively Empathize:
Third most important step that should be followed is keenly empathize because he wants to know you understand where he’s coming from and how he or she feels. You should express sympathy for your unpleasant customer service or product. And we all know that respect and understanding are going long way together and make things smoother.
Take ownership of the situation:
The fourth essential step is informing your customer that you will deal with his/her problem and solve it as soon as possible. You should provide them with your name and contact details. If you are thinking that it can open a channel for customers to hound you constantly, but if you managed accurately, it should not.
Good chance they would bother you, if you offer them constant updates. If you provide them your name and contact details, they can easily give you a call whenever they face any problem and directly talk to you because you know his/her problem. So, don’t afraid to give your number and name.
Solve their problem:
Finally, fifth imperative step that you need to follow is solving their problem. They call you because they face a problem and they want a resolution, so it is necessary that you give your 100% and solve their problem as soon as possible. Solving their problem is one of the best ways to make your angry customer happy again.
So, these are 5 simple yet effective steps that you should follow to make your unhappy and angry customers happy and content. By following these simple steps, it becomes easily possible for you to ease with your angry customers, so what are looking for? Just start following these steps!! More Information Click Here

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Publish on Dec 20 2013