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5 Worthy Ecommerce Solutions to Accelerate Holiday Sales

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Some experts have expected that holiday sales will be increased about 15% than last year and alone expected to reach $61.8 billion. There are many online shoppers contributing to increase in online sales by using their mobile device like tablets and smart phones. Even, shoppers are researching products, and comparing shops using their devices.
Let me ask you is your ecommerce site is ready? Have you find workable Ecommerce solutions for Holiday Sales? Check out this 5 worthy ecommerce solution service to implement in your eCommerce site in this Holiday season.
1st Solution: Take Giveaways and Contests on Social Networking Site
According to some research, about 42% of users “like” on Facebook to receive latest deal through discount and coupons. Thus, online merchants can easily deliver coupon through their Facebook account to engage their audience and enhance their brand awareness.
Other than this, you can also conduct contests to give marvelous packages and deal to engage your target audience and invites new visitor to your page.
2nd Solution: Give Gift Cards
Shoppers love to purchase a gift card while they are shopping. According to the survey by a National Retail Federation, it is estimated that about 81% of Americans will purchase at least 1 gift card for holiday purchases.
Moreover, survey also found that those customers, who are using gift cards, will spend more money than the value of card. Offering gift card on social networking sites like Facebook allows people to share your brand with their loved ones.
3rd Solution: Run Paid Advertising
One of the most excellent ways to earn extra income from your online store is by running PPC campaigns that includes holiday-related keywords such as gifts, deals and so on. Arrange excellent PPC bidding and create one attractive sentence that force shopper to purchase product from your store. Some of the attractive PPC ad text and keywords is “Gifts for Mom”, “Christmas Gifts” and so on.
4th Solution: Work with Search Engines
The most important thing you have to do is to submit site map sooner once you add new products/categories in your site, so search engine can easily index it and rank before season taking off.
For easy indexing, you have to adjust Meta descriptions on particular products and categories to add some essential keywords that help your page to rank high. Create attractive headline for shoppers that feel them that they are at perfect place to purchase gifts for their loved ones.
5th Solution: Gamify
Gamification is one of the most popular strategies for online merchants to promote their business among their shoppers. You can try a campaign, where you can simple hide some products or logo of your company and allows users to find it.
Give a gift to the first user, who finds your hidden objects. This will cheer people to surf your website and explore more products yours.
Would you like these solutions for your site? Do you have more eCommerce solution for online sites? Share your ideas through comment section. For more information, click here.

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