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6 Common Mistakes That Demolishing Your Checkout Process

Checkout Process
What is more painful than you lose your precious customers at checkout process? Today, there are a lot of eCommerce marketers and merchants, who are constantly complaining about shopping cart abandonment rates that is increasing rapidly.
Yes, it is extremely painful for all the marketers as approximately 68% of their customers are ending-up abandoning their shopping cart. But what is the reason behind this? Why 68% of your customers are ending-up abandoning your shopping cart? Often, most of the people are brining it upon themselves by having a crappy check-out process.
However, it is not easy to design a smooth yet simple check-out process as it requires excellent coding, integration, APIs, architecture and consideration. But it is most important for you that you make sales as well as decrease abandonment. It is must to optimize your check-out process for conversions.
If you are looking forward for boosting conversion rate and sales of your business, you should avoid below mentioned mistakes that can demolish your check-out process and increase abandonment rate:
1. Obliging People to Create an Account
There are a lot of eCommerce websites that oblige people to create an account, but instead of that, you can give shoppers a way to complete their shopping without creating any account. If you force your customers to create an account with your website, it will increase the number of fields that they need to fill.
In some cases, they are asking people to check their emails to complete account set-up. In short, it is completely horrible idea as email inboxes are minefields of interruptions. However, if you ask your shoppers to create an account with you, then you should follow these ideas as these ideas will work better:

  • Decrease Number of Fields Required For Account Creation: When it comes to difference between a returning customer and one, who needs to develop an account, is that the last must enter an email and password to complete check-out.
  • Stimulate Account Creation: You should make it easy for people to allow them to give their information no matter whether it is due to discounts, member-only specials, access to referral programs, etc.

2. Not Optimizing Checkout for Mobile
Now, you should also give some of your attention to your mobile shoppers and show them some love. A lot of shoppers than ever are mobile, and they are looking forward to purchase using their smart-phones. Unfortunately, there are a lot of retailers, who have such check-out process that is extremely horrible, so attempting it on a mobile device is difficult for users.
Are these retailers same that show-off about their responsively designed websites? But is it really matter to have a good responsive website, if your check-out process is faltering? Users will not be able to purchase your product. So, try to make your check-out process as simple as possible for your mobile shoppers. If you will provide a fully mobile optimized check-out process, it will increase your sales significantly.
3. Asking for Membership or Other Purchasing Delays
The most common mistake that made by a lot of eCommerce merchants is making their check-out process a long and complicated. There are some websites, which need that a shopper joins before they can purchase a product.
By doing this, it irritates your users and erodes trust, leading to shopping cart abandonment. Various shoppers are eager to look for their product and purchase it. May be they will not feel any loyalty towards their website from which they are buying because they only want is their goods.
Obliging them to leap through studs to complete a purchase is quite counterproductive. There are some websites that do even worse as they are lattice all their content to users, who don’t sign-up. A lot of users are not able to put a single item in a shopping cart without taking any quiz.
Rather than these things, you should allow your users to check-out as a guest as you just need to give them alternative to become a member.
4. Concealing Shipping Information Till End
You know that you always have to be clear and upfront with your precious customers. It is very important while peak periods such as calendar events or holidays. For instance, if you are purchasing birthday cake online, you will find out that on the check-out page that all courier slots are fully booked and it is charging double for shipping it on time. So, you always need to be clear about it in order to decrease number of customers, who abandon your shopping cart.
5. Approaching Upsells
All the eCommerce retailers are trying that their customers should purchase their upsells, but there are various sites that are doing it in a wrong manner. You can always infuriate your customers while approaching upsells as separate steps in the check-out process.
Let’s take an example on how you should approach upsells – Bluehost offers upsells and this section is the part of the check-out page and you can see in the below given image that upsells are given discreetly:
package information
So, it is the right and accurate way of providing upsells!
6. Not Having Maximum Payment Options
Are you looking to boost your sales among more and more people? If yes, you should offer more and more payment options. We all know that PayPal is one of the giants in the online payment industry, so if you are not accepting PayPal payments, you are losing a very big percent of customers from your website. You need to offer various payment options as online payment platforms are constant growing.
So, there were the 6 common mistakes that can destroy your check-out process and increase your cart abandon rates, so avoid these mistakes and boost your sales.
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