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6 eCommerce Secrets to Make This New Year Successful

eCommerce Secrets

Finally, the most amazing and awaited time of the year has been started, and we all know that how important it is for eCommerce businesses. At this time of holiday season, retailers are earning huge revenue as compare to any other time of the year. It’s the time when sales spike traffic blow up and revenue increases.
On holiday sales, all the eCommerce merchants have a prejudiced focus that’s completely expected. It is considered as one of the biggest sales period of the entire year, so every retailer is following same thing like offering coupons, free shipping, discounts, mail campaigns, countdowns and more.
So, if you are also looking forward to grab the attention of your customers, you should try to do something different that other eCommerce websites are not doing. Are you ready to do something unique to grab your customers’ attention?
Let’s have a look on top six eCommerce secrets to make this time of year successful:

Make Yourself Ready for January Sales Increase

It is common that in the month of December, no one is thinking about January. No doubt that it is coming, but the only thing that eCommerce retailers are focusing on is the big gains of Q4. In the below mentioned chart from ComScore, you can give a look on consumer’s spending habits year-over-year.
Retai eCommerce
You can also notice how Q4 always points, gapped with the bottomed-out Q1. Make sure that it doesn’t have to be this way except you are selling Christmas trees or candy canes as there is nothing that is naturally seasonally particular about your product. Why Q4 is so big?
The reason behind Q4 is big because retailers and commercial establishments have made it that way. Now, you may not have as single eCommerce website necessarily reversed the embedded commercial tradition of decades.
Now, you can prepare yourself for a more profitable Q1 with some intentionality and for-ward-thinking schemes. Follow below mentioned steps to prepare yourself for Q1:

  • Increasing PPC spend
  • Planning ad Creatives
  • Preparing Email Lists
  • Readying inventory
  • Strategizing sales initiatives

One of the simplest points is that you may be preparing yourself for Q1 while others are thrilled with Q4. Remember that you don’t have to rest and settle, just make yourself ready for a striking Q1. As no one is going to be doing that you will be ahead of the curve.

Offer Make a Wish List

Sitefinity‘s biggest and excellent move was to generate a wish list. But why don’t you also add a wish list in your eCommerce website? No matter whether you are selling various items or fewer items on your site, you can create a wish list too and have fun.
You know that wish list helps you to successfully fight with shopping cart abandonment, and hold people for a future purchase. Adding a wish list on your site is not a dream as you just have to add an extension to your Shopify store, get a module for Drupal or just add it to WordPress.

Offer Your Customers a Buy-it-later Option

It is a fact that people are not able to purchase everything that they wish they could. You can give a look on how people are spending their money throughout the holiday season – From November 1- December 31, huge amount of money get spent. And then the holiday budget is blown.
Holiday season e-commerce
Let me explain you what happens while holiday shopping season.
We all know that consumers are spending their huge time on purchasing online. All they are checking out different things that they will purchase or things that they wanted to purchase. People are going to purchase for themselves, but they can’t as they don’t have money. They have checked-out all the things and they want to purchase it, but they can’t get it.
As an eCommerce services provider, you can easily accommodate, so you can provide a buy-it-later option because they want to purchase it, but they can’t afford it. You can easily set-up a method that offers them buy it later option. You will need only is a CTA button near the buy button that indicates purchase it later.
You can use it to capute: their email address and the product that they wanted to purchase. On any particular date, you can send them a reminder message about the goods that they are looking to purchase. Moreover, you have also got all of them on your email list to wader. Another biggest benefit that you can gain is you may increase your Q1 sales too.

Consider A/B Testing

When it comes to talk about another flashy holiday season move, spilt test that is highly important and any conversion optimizer knows it. There are a lot of people, who forget to perform A/B testing in the holiday season, but you make sure that you do not neglect it at any cost.
Another flashy holiday season move is pretty obvious: split test. Among all the tests, spilt testing is one such test that increases your sales, so you can consider it and make some chants to boost sales on the holiday season. Below, you can find some of the upsides:
You should perform spilt tests early in the holiday season; you can make arrangements that can optimize sales later in the season.
You can also perform spilt-test in the whole holiday season and show the results in the next holiday season.
During the holiday season, you can conduct spilt-tests and execute all the changes during the regular season.

Sell New Year Special Products

You can try a new approach to your marketing for the holiday season. Rather than increasing sales with a Christmas theme, you can try to push sales with a New Year approach. A lot of customers are planning their holiday purchases in advance as they thing beyond to the New Year.
However, purchases that made by people in New Year are a lot different from holiday-season purchases. If you approach New Year products early, you can get a big piece from New Year’s sales. Almost anything goes with New Year’s sales.
You can sell anything like computers, coffee, organizers, headsets, digital goods, books and anything. However, best items that you should purchase in the month of December are golf clubs, pools, champagne, tools, TVs and more.

Make Yourself Ready to Launch Something New

It is a great trick for all the eCommerce retailers, who wanted to launch something new in the market. Make yourself ready to launch a new product while riding the crest of big-time sales. As per the Harvard Business Review, “most product launches fail”, but why? There are lots of different theories – in the below given chart from, you can see that huge blind spot in product launch failure:
product launches fail
It’s due to preparation and timings, so maximum product failures happen because of preparation and timing. Preparing means that you do build-up and important marketing up to and following through the launch while timings means that you are selecting the optimal time for your business and customers’ reception. To launch products, post-holiday season is the best time because New Year makes people to think in terms of new.
So, these are the top six eCommerce secrets to make this holiday season successful. eCommerce retailers of varied industries can follow these secrets to increase their sales and profit.
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