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6 Highly Effective Ways to Generate More Leads on Your Real Estate Website

Want to make your real estate website successful? If yes, it is only possible by gaining more and more leads on your website. As we all know that nothing is possible without leads, so it is most crucial for real estate website owners to gain maximum number of leads on their website.

But increasing leads on real estate website is not child’s play; lots of efforts have to be done. If you are also one of those website owners, who are looking to generate more leads on real estate website, this blog contains 6 highly effective ways that can help website owners to generate more leads:

Online Chat

Online Chat is one of the best and advanced ways of engaging with visitors, who are currently on your website. Installing online chat option is an extremely easy yet effective as there are lots of live chat systems that can be used.

With an aim of searching what they are looking for, website owners can make use of it. It becomes easily possible to tailor your website more towards a property search if you are talking to 10 visitors and every single one, who came on your site in order to do a property search.

To Capture Leads, Develop an e-mail

Developing an email is one of the best ways to capture new leads’ contact information. There are lots of website that can do this with 20% + conversation rate. While getting a visitor’s email, you need to consider some important components in your mind:

  • Is the copy compelling to get people to sign-up?
  • Am I providing something compelling that is worth signing up for?
  • Where is my email- capture form placed?
  • Does it show-up?

We know that it is good practice that we set aims for every single place on your real estate website. For instance – if anyone is landing on your main page, what will be your aim to get them sign-up for your email list or is it for them to perform a home search?

Free Estimate

What is the big sign in which seller might be interested in listing their home on the market. They can inquire about how much their home worth. You would lots of people, who may have interest in knowing what their current home price is, but only few people can actively do something to know.

So, you can make use of it as a technique into baiting for your visitors contact information. It is one of the excellent ways to target seller listings, who are looking to sell their home. You can also consider to put an offer on your main image of your home page with an email subscription form if you are a true agent.


May be you might be noticed it that having a pop-up on the website is best to grab attention of visitors. You know what pop-ups really work for websites, so it is best for real estate website owners to use pop-ups that are extremely easy to install. There are lots of options for website owners when it comes to use pop-ups.

Property Search

It is highly important for you to keep in mind that when you have a property search on your website, you also have a major reason for visitors to use it. You give your visitors a reason for using your search like do you have an exclusive listings?

If yes, you are offering, it is essential for you to advertise it. Today, you can find lots of real estate websites with a property search in it, but not with a necessary use of it, so make sure to provide this option with a decent reason.

Give/Offer a Sweepstake

We all know that providing people something to win is the best option, so ensure that it’s local and authentic though. You can provide your visitors any sweepstake to participate or any contest. However, if you provide them with any gift card for $100, they will not trust on your website, so offer them any gift card of any nearest restaurant.

Moreover, you can also talk to the local restaurants and business about your business and ask them to provide with something free gifts. Make sure that you let them know that your content will be seen by numerous people, so that they can provide free gift cards to give away.

So, these are 6 ways to generate more and more leads on your real estate website without any hassle. Real estate website owners can follow these ways and grow their business by gaining more leads. Moreover, if you are looking to get any support related to real estate website, you can contact us.

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