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6 Tips That Will Make You Influential In E-commerce

Ecommerce merchants apply all possible arsenals to win the battle of marketing. Among all marketing techniques, influencer marketing technique proves highly successful. It is because we hardly trust the online or offline ads and media reports. We consider reputed and our idols/celebrities while making the purchasing decisions to some extent. However, our near & dear ones are the highest trustful people for us, and we follow whatever they do and say.

The following four types of influencers leave the different degree of influence over our ecommerce buying decisions.

  • Close friends or relatives like family – 86%
  • Distance friends or distance relatives – 39%
  • Celebrities local or global – 31%
  • Media, brands, and non-friends – 23%

The given data indicate that ecommerce marketers must consider influencer marketing strategy along with other Internet marketing strategies. Let’s get some good hints that can make you a successful, influential marketer.

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How to Search an Ideal Influencer?

To do the ideal influential marketing, you must know your influencer types for your ecommerce niche. In the above discussion, we have seen four types of influencers and their influencing capabilities. The ideal approach is that you must create a strategy to apply all four types of influencers in your marketing campaign.

However, out of all types of influencers, you have to segregate your ideal individual influencers. It needs to define the persona of the influencer by setting their characters according to your ecommerce niche, products, Geolocation, culture, and your brand personality. The following are ideal characteristics for your influencer persona.

  • Innate love for your brand
  • A loyal and honest advocate of your brand
  • Her personality must match with your brand personality
  • Perfect matching of creative style of your persona with brand
  • Capable of creating a high standard sponsored post for your brand
  • How is it easy to work with your persona?
  • Will it subscribe or follow your potential brand consumers?

After creating your influencer persona, start searching your top influencers by applying the characteristics described here. To find the top influencers in your ecommerce niche, you have defined your primary ecommerce keyword.

For instance, if your online business belongs to a fashion niche and you are selling jeans and tops of particular brands or styles, your primary keyword would be your products or product categories.

Now, you have to go for different social media network sites and search engines to find the top influencers. Let me tell how you will do it.

Go to search engines and run a search for your keywords + blogs/articles. You will find blogs and articles related to your brand or product keywords. The writer or sponsor of the content may be your potential influencers, and you have to search some ready to work with you only, not along with your competitors.

Similarly, YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media are the best place you find your top influencers. During your deep search, if you find influencers who already know and love your brands, it would be a big deal for you to go ahead with them.

In order to segregate top influencers out of a list, you can apply following metrics to compare them.

  • Number of followers.
  • Domain authority.
  • Average of comments they receive on their posts.
  • Average of likes, shares, and retweets in social media posts.
  • Number of impressions their post or pictures receives.

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How to Create Good Rapports with Your Ecommerce Influencers

Now you have the list of influencers as well as their influencing capacities in details. The next step is to come directly into the contact of influencers one-by-one starting from the high influencers to low ones in the list. The following tasks and strategy can help you to create effective relationships with your influencers.

  • Start direct conversations with influencers selecting proper channels of communication like email, instant messengers, video chat, VOIP calls or phone/mobile calls.
  • Share your point of view regarding the brand or products for that you are running an influential marketing campaign.
  • If they already are familiar with it, ask for their views and suggestions to enhance the campaign. Discuss your competitors and their strategies and ask them to come with effective solutions for you to beat the competition.
  • Whenever you are going to introduce a new line of product/s, try to convince them by providing enough details along with pros & cons for them for the sake of sheer transparency in deals.
  • Offer your top & selected influencer the opportunities and facilities to create audiovisual content like video blogs aligning to your brand or products. You can send them holiday tours or attend the relevant events across the globe. The expenses will prove a worthy investment when their video or blogs get millions of views or impressions.
  • Compensate your influencers with free products and monetary incentives/rates considering their influencing capacities like viewership, readership, and hit of followers for your content.
  • If your influencer is a big celebrity at the global or national level convince them to give a live interview on Internet TVs or national channel networks.

Leverage the Product Reviews by Influencers

At the beginning of the current post, we have noticed that friends, relatives, social, and professional circles are influencing the buying decisions of the shopper online as well as offline.

If you appeal your different types of influencers to write true but positive reviews of your brand and products, you can successfully create value to your products and brand by leveraging user-generated content.

Encourage you medium to low-level influencers to rate the products high and write reviews or comments in the leading review sites as well as on social media pages/posts.

Leverage Entertaining Content Created by the Influencers

Apart from rating and reviews, some entertaining content with excellent creativity is capable of capturing the attention of your potential brand consumers/users. For instance, comedy animations, intelligent videos, and cartoons are highly effective ways to lure online shoppers to adopt your brand and products quickly.

Create Testimonials from Influencers Generated Content

We know user-generated content, if those are honest and true, build the trust a lot among the speculative users of your brands or products. Social media is an excellent source to gain transparent social proof for you.

You can integrate social media APIs with your ecommerce and add the advanced functionality to bring the social proof favoring you on your ecommerce store directly and on a real-time basis.

Similarly, encourage your brand ambassadors to give you video testimonials besides textual ones. Video testimonials have some distinct advantages particularly when a top influence or celebrity is using the featuring product/s or describing how the brand or product has made differences upon the applications.

Offer Marketing Incentives through Your Influencers

Offering marketing incentives like a discount code or gift card through the site or videos of your influencers instead of giving directly to the brand consumers are creating a win-win scenario for both parties, you and your influencers!

Wrapping Up

The given tips are a few and applicable in general scenarios if you are interested to know that what will work for your unique ecommerce with bespoken needs, you must take consulting services by a reputed company.

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