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7 Simple Ways to Double Your Conversion Rate in Just 5 Minutes

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It doesn’t matter whether you are running an Internet business, generate leads online or have products to sell; there are only two things that play very important role – Traffic and Conversion rate.

There are a lot of people, who are more captivated by looking for traffic than conversion rate. Till you are not converting your traffic, it doesn’t matter in the world that how much traffic you are getting on your website.

It is true that it sounds good on Google analytics, but it is also essential to convert your traffic into a lead and then into a paying customer.

Now, you will surely think how to boost conversion rate of the website, so don’t worry as here I have listed 7 simple ways to double your conversion rate in just 5 minutes.

Yes, you read it correct in just 5 minutes as you can see one major part of your website, which has more force on conversion than anything else – The Sign-up Form!

Now, you will think how – very simple, if you are asking your customers a lot of questions and too much of information, your visitors will decide to do it later and after that they will forget about it.

You just have to do is simply the whole process of form by which you can double the number of people, who complete it.

Here are the ways to simplify the form and double conversion rate in approximately 5 minutes:

Ask For Least Personal Information

Today, there are lots of customers, who don’t hesitate to give their email address, but some of them care about giving their personal phone number and home address.

However, it is not about trust as they have various companies that advertising to them that it starting to feel like an attack on privacy. And they are not in a mood to deal with it anymore, so they will shut you out.

These days, it becomes a common problem that most of the people worldwide are using a cell-phone as their primary phone number. Since they have cell-phone in their hands, it means anyone with the number can access to them all the time. At times, it is less hassle-free to just walk away from the product.

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Therefore, if you don’t need it, don’t ask for too personal information because in any case if your customers have to choose between their privacy and your product, you will surely lose every time.

Remove Extra Fields

We all know that on the sign-up form, there are some of the fields necessary like their email address that helps you to get in touch with them and their name that you can address correspondence to the right person.

But what about their phone number? Do you really want it or their mail address?

If you don’t require their phone number, ensure that you cut their fields. By having all these things on the sign-up form, you are making your form longer and more complex as compare to it needs to be. However, you are giving your potential customers more opportunities to leave.

Strive to Put Your Customers in Control

If any of your field is borderline essential, and you don’t have information whether to exclude it or not, just give your customers and their choice of whether or not to give to you. However, if you find one optional, you can tag next to the field.

So, customers, who are comfortable enough to give the information, can do so, and those, who are not comfortable with it, can skip it. As it makes you look more trustworthy.

It comes across as a sign of respect for their time and privacy when you put your customers in control. And whenever their customers feel like they are being respected by the company, they can do business with them.

Reverse The Risk

You know that moneyback guarantee is a highly great way to boost response as there are lots of customers, who might be suspicious about signing up, will see it as a risk-free way to try your product. In any case, if they don’t like your product, they will get their money refund.

When it comes to consider one of the best strategies, it is not to have your guarantee period end at the same time as billing cycle. But at the end of a billing cycle, if your money back guarantees ends, there are lots of customers, who will cancel their service and get their money back at the same time.

But, if the billing cycle is thirty days, the guarantee period is only fourteen days, you can find some of the customers, who will give it the extra sixteen days before they decide and figure out they have already paid for it.

Those extra sixteen days can give a customer extra time to get used to your product or service that hopefully result in them deciding not to cancel. The type is to be transparent about it.

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If customer is feeling like they are trying to pull a fast one on them, they are likely to worry about trying your product even with a guarantee. If you wanted to make them feel like they can’t lose by trying your product. But if they decide they don’t like it, it won’t be hassle.

Let Them Know That Why You Need Information

If you are asking your customer personal information, it is must for you to have a lawful reason to ask for it. You ensure that you be sure about explaining it on the sign-up form.

For example – if any company is asking me for phone number, I will definitely think that at some point in the future, a salesperson is going to call and try to sell me something.

A simple thing you can do is explain why you need to know. If you are asking for a number for the shipping company to schedule the time of delivery, you just can go ahead and put that on the form.

Chances are like that it will give a huge boost in conversation rate. However, same goes for other types of unexpected questions. Ultimately, there are various customers, who are difficult people as they just want to know why you need particular information before they give it to you!

Shorten Your Sign-up Process

If you are looking for more theatrical results, you just need to modernize all your forms because the quicker a visitor will complete the sign-up or transaction, the more likely they are about to complete it.

One of the best formats any needs is an email address and passwords for signup forms. For any paid accounts or purchases, billing information requires, but ahead of it, every single form field you add has the potential to drive away customers.

You can ensure that you are not requiring your customers to sign-up for an account prior to completing their purchase, if you use a regular shopping cart as well as checkout process.

Again, it is something like that which makes them pause and more likely to abandon their purchase. Rather than this, you can provide them an alternative once their purchase is finish. As to save the information, they will only need to enter to make future purchases simpler.

Respect The Customer

It is also most important point to respect the customer. While designing your website, it is extremely easy to design your sign-up form around what you are looking for. If you are thinking that the customer will go all along with other marketing is tempting one.

Generally, it is not true. Commonly, you are wasting tens or even thousands of dollars to design an excellent marketing campaign, but it flops when your customer gets ready to sign-up.

One of the best approaches is to design your website across what your customer wants. You should accept that your customers are in rush and many be quite nervous to do business with your company, so you can design your sign-up forms as per it.

In fact, developing a high converting website nothing to do with sales and technical tricks, it is all about putting the customer first.

So, above mentioned 7 simple ways can easily double the conversion rate of your eCommerce website in just 5 minutes that every eCommerce website owner can follow and boost conversion rate of their website.

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