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8 Common eCommerce Mistakes That Minimize Your Sales

Common eCommerce mistake

In present days, there is huge a competition in the eCommerce market. So, every online merchant is finding a new way to set themselves from other competitors and impress customers with their service. Apart from selling products/services, they are making their website impressive and flexible to provide best shopping experience.

Unfortunately, there are many online merchants making common Ecommerce mistake while developing website. Such mistakes may harm their site and results into loss in business.

So, here we are going to determine some common mistakes of merchants, so while they are developing website next must consider such things.
Mistake 1: Maximum Loading Time
People like those sites that load quickly. There are many eCommerce taking more than half minute to load and thus, bouncing rate of such site will increase and effect to the sales.
No doubt, one can find many options to sort out this problem loading problem. It would be better to streamline your website for optimal speed, if you want your visitor to visit your site frequently.
Mistake 2: Long Checkout Process
Creating difficult and long check out process is one of the most damaging mistakes that most of online merchants can make. The check out process of eCommerce site should be simple but not lengthy.
Ensure to hand over their credit card information and complete their order. An ideal check out process includes billing and shipping information, product details confirmation and payment page.
Mistake 3: Poor Photography
Having large and clear Photos is one of the important aspects of online sales platforms. If you have proper photograph, visitor can get accurate information at first site. Moreover, by focusing on visual cues, they can make immediate subconscious assessments on the basis of what they have seen.
So, it is must to highlight their best aspects with considerately composed and suggestive high-def photos that gives compelling information to your visitors.
Mistake 4: Hiding or Improper Contact Information
Customer always wants to know with whom they are dealing with as they are providing credit card information to them. It is must to provide essential information as customers want to know who will solve their problem while in need. Additionally, having accurate contact information will enhance trust of your site and it brings more business for you.
Mistake 5: Not Having Product Reviews
If you are running any eCommerce site, you must have to create product review section. Having product review will benefit to you as well as your customers. It is consider as the best form of product promotion, so shrewd ecommerce business should miss this chance to promote your business among your visitors.
Mistake 6: Poor Content/Information
Confused wording, poor grammar, wrong spelling, etc. create wrong impression in your visitor’s mind. Apart from, it indicates incompetence of your business as well.
So, it is advisable to take help of content writer to write some content informative and good content with proper grammatically flow for your website. Content writer has strong experience writing for websites and providing best content for your project.
Mistake 7: Spam
Nowadays, sending bulk mail by purchasing millions of email addresses is trend to promote your ecommerce site. However, it is wrong to way to bring business.
Sending mails to millions of people is called spam and it is one of the biggest Ecommerce mistakes ever done by online merchants. Remember, online merchant requires a spotless reputation and it is not proper way to get.
Mistake 8: Poor Customer Service Options
Having poor customer service creates a big problem to your business. This point is quite similar like hiding or not displaying contact information. You have to make sire to get touch with your visitors while they are in confusion or in problem.
It would be best to place help form or have online chat to solve every query of visitor while or after purchasing products/services.
Summing Up
We don’t have an exact formula to bring success of the eCommerce website. However, we can make strong effort to avoid some common mistake that can harm to our business.
Hoping, above mention mistakes help you to get success in your business. Click here For any Ecommerce Solution, we are ready to serve you with best outcome.

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