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8 Customer Service Trends to Experience in 2016

Customer Service Trends

Apart from a strategy and philosophy, customer is a major function of every company and thus, it is compulsory to enhance and update your approach. That simply means one should have up to date with every technology and channels.
However, it also must to check larger trends, when it comes to folding them into customer service strategy. We are about through the beginning of the New Year that means it is a perfect time for implement latest customer service trends that are gaining momentum.

1st: Technology, Technology, Technology

Technology expands beyond the boundaries. Using internet, ay products can be shipped to customers anywhere at any time. This simply makes customer service sustainable competitive benefits for small businesses.
With a powerful combination of the cloud, social media, mobility and big data, it becomes easy for entrepreneur to give customized service. The expectation bar from some highly reputed companies like Netflix, Amazon and Zappos are every high for small businesses.
A powerful technology allows customers to get their products within 24 hours and thus, they are not able to customize their own product solution. Now, customers can fit perfect size of clothes by uploading their image to internet instead to visit shop for purchase.

2nd Customer Feedback Used as Operation Insights

Most of all companies are using feedback of its services, products and organizational processes to enhance products/services quality. According to Forrester, it is observed that more than 60% of companies collect feedback about their contacts with other company. But, customer insight is analyzed about 33% across organizational boundaries.
Talking about 2016, customer feedback will be leveraged on two fronts, first one is direct customer feedback will be tied to agent performance and will initiate to be used as a metric to calculate the success of operations and they will twice on their efforts to collect customer feedback across communication channels and touch-points and act on it.

3rd Requirements of basic customer service Increases

In 2016, consumers will become more requiring about basic customer service issues like quality and keeping promises, greater 24/7 availability, greater reliability, more personalization, competence and so on.
It is also predictable that enough training and motivating people, who deal with customers will become a main concern for larger companies.

4th Dealing with mistakes

Mostly companies are making mistakes by sending wrong products or overcharging credit card and every customer like to hear only two words, “We’re sorry.”
Unfortunately, businesses have trouble in expressing their emotions that only lead to more anger and frustration from customers. It is advisable to accept customer sadness and don’t be parsimonious when solving it.

5th Convenience

In this dawn of New Year, businesses are thinking to make their customer’s live simpler and easier. Usually, businesses have to look at four levels, i.e. what can they do to make sure that customers’ frustrations don’t happen?
How they can make shopping easier for customers? How they can make things less intellectually and conceptually challenging? How can they save customers’ time? Online businesses have to consider online as well as in the real world.

6th A Personal Touch is Must

Added value and modernism will divide standard startups from the distinct, unique and successful ones. To deal with this, one can have to add customer expectations of amazing and memorable experiences that they actually want to repeat over and over again.
It’s not only about to give gift, it’s about to give a personal touch that actually customers are looking for.

7th Firms Study from the Mobile and Cloud

According to the Forrester report, it is stated that traditional systems require to be more optimized to grab advantages of the cloud. Likewise, mobile initiatives require to be incorporated with your broader, omni-channel strategies.
Looking at the mobile platforms and cloud computing, it holds promise for retailers to enable retailers to detain and examine customer data, and to make highly pertinent offers, all in real time.

8th Various Channels for Customer-centric

Previously, it is enough for businesses to have a toll-free phone number as a single channel for deliver customer service. Time has changed now and business is focusing on the development of the incorporated multi-channel customer service experience.
It is complicated to say that customer service organizations require focusing more on the customer view. Customer may start an interaction on social media, but wait for integrated experience as the talks can be done through voice, web, email and other channels.
No doubts, there are many burning customer service trends in 2016 that born every new dawn. However, focusing this 8 will go a long way in helping entrepreneur with best possible service.
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