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8 eCommerce Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Business in This Christmas Season

eCommerce Business Mistakes Christmas

No matter, whether you are a new or an old player on the eCommerce ground (market), running an eCommerce business is not a child’s play. It needs a lot of efforts, concentration and expertise to stick in this competitive world of eCommerce.

However, there are lots of eCommerce merchants, who are making some common and silly mistakes that can ruin their entire eCommerce business, so it is must for them to avoid those mistakes if they wanted to run a successful business in the market.

Below, I have given a list of mistakes that can destroy your eCommerce business in this holiday season, so it is better to avoid them and have a successful shopping season this year:

Don’t Make Things Difficult For Your Customers

We all know that Christmas is on the way, and most of the people have started purchasing things online.

However, if they find purchasing products online difficult, they will definitely leave the website; therefore, try to place yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand what they want and what they are expecting from your website.

Try to make their shopping experience as easy as possible so that they end-up purchasing a lot of products from your site.

Make sure you make everything simple from the moment, they visit your website to the check-out process. If you make things as easy as possible for them, they will surely refer your website to their friends, relatives and dear ones.

Low & Cheap Quality Product Pictures on the Website

Images of your products will play a very significant role in making your holiday shopping season successful, so using high-quality and resolution product images is the most important thing that can give a major impact on the conversion rate of your website.

By using best and realistic product images, you can get huge help in converting leads into sales on your site.

Let’s take an example – if you are running an online clothing store, where you sell a variety of cloths for your customers, so it is essential for you to provide best quality images of cloths and have various images of per dress so that customer can check-out whole dress.

If possible try to place an image of the model, who is modeling your dresses as it will be helpful for your customers to decide that whether this dress is perfect for him/her or not.

Less & Unclear Product Information

It is enough for you to keep high-quality and best resolution giving product images on your website. To convert your visitors into potential customers, you must provide a detail product description, covering complete information about your products.

Only if you have provided good-quality images, but didn’t give attention to product description, you might lose your customers.

Giving proper product information to your customers is very much important for you as it will be helpful for them to know your product more closely.

As per the research, if customer touches the product, it compels them to purchase it, so one of the best ways to give this feeling on your online business is to provide detail information about your products as it will give them a feeling of holding your product.

In addition to this, you should avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes and make sure to adopt best ways of describing your products. Avoid less, broken and slapdash paragraphs while describing about your product.

Weak & Weedy Site Design

You know most of your website visitors, and customers judge you by your website’s design. By looking at the design of your eCommerce site, they decide about your business, products and trustworthiness.

Considering different elements of your site’s design like product presentation, navigation, testimonials, security proof and many more points, a visitor can decide that whether your product is the right choice for him/her or not.

If you wanted to convince your visitors to purchase your product and become your potential customers, you must design your eCommerce site as per your customers’ point of view. Make sure that you have a well-designed interface with a classy look and easy-to-use layout.

It is also important that you have such designed website that boosts your sales and increase profit of your business rather than losing opportunities.

Not Mentioning How Long Shipping Will Take

We all know that whenever any customer purchases any product, he/she looks for how long it will take to be delivered, so mentioning it clearly is extremely important for you. Providing such information can surely give huge effect on the purchase decision of your customers.

If you hide such information in dark footer or do not allow customers to know how long they have to wait for the product, and how much they have to pay is one of the biggest mistakes.

So, avoid doing such things that can give negative impact on your business and reduce your sales in this holiday season.

Your Website Performs Slow in Some Browsers

You know that there are lots of customers, so everyone has their own choice – some may like to use Google Chrome to access your site, but some may like to use Mozilla.

So, it is important that your website runs smoothly in every browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini and more.

Test your website in this holiday season that whether it is running smoothly in all the browsers or not, if not get a quick solution for it.

There are lots of eCommerce merchants, who are giving attention to this point and their website is not performing well on different browsers, so their customers abandon it.

Haven’t Built-up Trust

When it comes to an offline store, it has been certain about trust of its customers because they have satisfaction of its store’s physical presence. If they face any problem, they can go and discuss it with the owner.

What about online stores? It is must for all the eCommerce retailers to set-up trust so that customers trust them and their products and purchase things without any hesitation.

I have checked various eCommerce sites that generate feeling of insecurity, so set-up trust on your site so that customers can trust you without giving a second thought.

Moreover, you can mention some things that compel your customers to trust you like mention testimonials and product reviews, provide contact details like phone number, address, email and more. Further, you can also have some trust symbols and guarantee lines on your site.

Poor Quality Services

It doesn’t matter what type of products you sell and how good your website is looking if you deliver your customers poor quality services.

Once purchased and shipped product to your customer and you think that your duty is finish then you are wrong because it is important that you give support to your customers after shipping as well.

You have to be careful after delivering product also because there are lots of customers, who may face any difficult related to your product and need any guidance, so you need to be stay in touch through email or you can give a call to them.

Apart from this, it is also your duty that you deliver your product to your customer in the good condition like the way they are expecting. Make sure to be careful with companies, who are responsible for providing products, so try to get an excellent qualitative one.

Many times, shipment of the product affect by natural calamities like bad weather, accident or anything, so you can share it with your user what happened.

So, these are some of the most common and silly eCommerce mistakes that can destroy your business in this holiday season, so you should avoid these mistakes and try to make huge profit in this season.

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