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8 Effective Tips for eCommerce Business to Make Christmas Experience Delightful

 Christmas eCommerce Business
This year, the Christmas festival brings a big smile to the eCommerce merchants’ face. This festival is the profitable season for the eCommerce business, and all the merchants want to grab an opportunity by implementing an effective retail strategy.
If you also want to catch this opportunity then you have to meet your customer’s requirements and have to provide better shopping experience with below given 8 effective tips.

Consider mobile commerce

More than 60% of consumers wouldn’t connect with the site, if it isn’t responsive. Creating responsive site delivers huge advantages to your business and customers as well. If you are going to develop responsive mobile site then ensure to provide smooth shopping experience to your customers with features like:

  • Clarity: Allowing direct and relevant information, which is easy to find.
  • Speed: Enough speed that allows loading site quickly.
  • Navigation: Easy navigation with zoom in and out facility

Implement an email campaign

No doubt, email is one of the powerful tools that enhance purchases and allow reconnecting with your previous customers. However, online merchants have to use email process correctly. During Christmas time, you can use this platform to offer special Christmas deal to your customers.
Before creating email campaign, ensure to clarify below given questions like:

  • Do you get attractive template?
  • Does your email platform enable you to schedule emails?
  • Is email template supportable with mobile?
  • Does the landing page works well with the email?

Utilize social media

Social media is one of the effective platforms, creating easy communication between you and your customers. Even, online merchants think that this platform is best for engagement and relationship building.
Those people, who want to run an effective media campaign, can implement below given things across Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ business accounts.

  • Video content: Video is excellent for encouraging engagement no matter it is about the best gifts ideas or special offers on delivery policy. Video is considered one of the funniest ways to communicate with your customers.
  • Images: According to some studies, it is revealed that 600% more engagement is received by images on Facebook than any text-based posts. Thus, it is ways to display gifts and offers through images and drive more users at your eCommerce sites.
  • Social ads: No matter, you want to measure, monitor or optimize your social campaigns, advertisement displays what your users wants to engage with most.

Use Shopping Basket

There are many eCommerce retailers forget to enhance their shopping basket. Offering little more attention can help to increase sales.
Displaying similar products, Best sellers, and what other user’s bought to users will help up-sell and cross-sell successfully.

Evaluate your stock

Out of Stock!! This word makes your customer disappoint and it is sure that you don’t want to make your customer unhappy in this festive season. So, ensure to make your stock level enough.
If you are keeping your customer updated with stock levels can help to enhance their shopping experience and enhance their conversions as well.
It would be great to review last year’s sales to recognize the required stock.

Integrate New Payment Options

It is also essential to add different payment alternatives while Christmas time as it helps to gather advantage of conversions. Those merchants, who have only Visa, can add PayPal or American Express to make their customer delight.
Moreover, you have to ensure that your customers can know new payment method so they can purchase from your site rather than your competitors.


Your customers have added many items in their shopping bags, but they have left your website. Now, what you have to do?
The best way is to adopt remarket solution that used by many retailers as it enables you to target:

  • Visitors, who are not making purchase
  • Visitors who add items but abandoned your eCommerce site.

Promote your delivery information

Every eCommerce business want to make their customers happy and the pressure will be added while festive season. As delivery is the most important over Christmas, one can have to enhance their delivery information at the season time to make customer happy and delight.
It would be great to tell your customer about the last order date through web banners, email and social media for a guaranteed Christmas delivery.
These are the excellent tips for eCommerce business to implement in their site to make more profit in this Christmas. If you are looking for more tips then contact us.

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