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8 Things that Influence Purchase Decision of Customers

Influence Purchase Decision

Writing eCommerce blog for merchants, we are looking for some burning topics that help them doing profitable business in 2014. In this blog, we are going to identify what customer values while shopping online.
We found 8 things that influence purchase decision of customers, some of them are store influence, social media and so on. Considering or adding such points in your eStore helps to make your store more customer-friendly. Shall we begin first Point? Here it is:

1st Thing: Free Shipping Facility

Free Shipping is one of the largest factors in influencing eCommerce Consumer’s Purchase Decision, contributed about 49%. Customers, who regularly make purchase online, are attracted by free shipping facility as for them, shipping cost matters a lot.
Furthermore, this facility can hold these customers for a long period. Online merchant can also add little amount as free shipping cost into their basic price, but the cost doesn’t exceed.

2nd Thing: Quality Product and Information

With a contribution of almost 56%, Quality Product and Information is the primary thing influencing eCommerce Consumer’s Purchase Decision. Being an online merchant, you have to recognize products that are famous in:

  • Different Culture
  • Different Occasions
  • Different Geographic/Regions

In addition, promoting or selling products with high quality and at right time are the key to success of your business. Customer’s purchasing decision also depends on Demo Videos, PDF Catalog, description, specification, well representation and lots more other things.
Note: If your business is targeting Europe/Americas, Multi Lingual Product Description is recommended.

3rd Thing: ‘Visual Search’ Option

‘Visual Search’ option is one the latest elements, contributing about 30% in customers buying decision. Recently, categories, showing along with images in mouse over, Products Listed in Search Textbox along with Images as an Option List and available more images in search terms are bit popular and helps customers to search out an appropriate product quickly.

4th Thing: One-Step Check-out

No one likes to follow long check-out process. Every shopper thinks to have one-page checkout process through which they can easily make payment through debit/credit card or other payment option, able to add shipping address, apply discount coupon and so on.
Having an Easy Checkout Logic is must as it contributes about 24% of purchasing decision.

5th Thing: Multiple Options

Offering multiple options of various products is must to hold your customer to your site. Many a time, we have seen one device have different storage capability or other features. Offering one product with different features makes your customer feels wow.
Furthermore, you should also provide information and difference of each product for their information. Knowing difference between two products help them to make purchase decision.

6th Thing: Easy Return

Defined and Easy return policy is another thing that power customer’s purchasing decision. It is must to have neat and understandable Return Policy in the favor of consumers.
Return Policy is essential, if you are selling Electronic Goods like Computer Accessories or Clothing. Easy Return Policy helps your business to gain trust, in case you are changing goods, if there is problem in size and color.

7th Thing: Customer Reviews

With a contribution of 33%, Customer Reviews proved as one of the leading factors influenced in customer’s purchase making decision. It would be great to award your customers with Free Gifts or Coupons those who are posting positive reviews, resolving other shopper’s problem or writing review for appreciating your service.

8th Thing: New Arrivals

Make section of ‘New Arrivals’ and add products on regularly basis to provide new taste to your customers. Adding latest products enhance interest of shoppers to explore your store.
In addition, it also helps to attract more traffic from leading Search Engines like Google, Facebook and so on. It would be best to add this section as it contributes approximate 10% in Buying Decision of the Consumer.
These are common yet important things that influence in customer’s purchasing decision. If you know some more things, then share us through comment section.

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Publish on Mar 5 2014