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8 Magical Landing Page Tweaks To Boost Conversion of Your eCommerce Business

Conversion Your eCommerce Business

Landing Page conversion optimization is one of the coolest things. It is considered as the center of all inbound lead generation efforts, including event that you are hosting, campaign you are running and so on.
The design of the landing page is not only focusing on your brand but should able to convert targeted traffic with ease.
Considering the design of hundreds of landing pages, its outcome and iterative tests, we come to know about magical landing page tweaks that help them to boost conversion and surely it also helps you to increase the conversion ratio of your eCommerce business.

Check out what they are:

Create Trust
Many a time, you will find traffic in your landing page that is not familiar with your organization, particularly at the top-of-funnel.
Thus, to gain trust, it would be better to show recognizable certifications, awards or badges on your landing page to validate your organization’s quality credentials.
Add Chat Option on Your Landing Page
Live Chat is one of the excellent ways to attract visitors, who don’t want to fill the inquiry form. Moreover, some people want an immediate answer to their query without providing contact information.
With a live chat option, you can simply interact with your visitors, who might leave your site. The best thing is users have to enter his or her name and email to connect with a chat representative and thus, leads are collected.
Live Chat option allows you to increase conversion number as live chat agents can answer visitor’s questions immediately.
Give Your Visitors Direction
It takes only some seconds to get your visitor’s attention. So, it is advisable to tell them exactly what they are looking for when they visit on your landing page.
For example: if you want your visitor to register for eBook then it would be better to display a big arrow pointing to that form to receive the e-book.
It helps them to find eBook registration with ease and on the other side, you will get them to complete a lead capture form.
Remove the Navigation
Your landing page should be conversion focused dissimilar to other website’s page that is more informative and educational.
With this intention, removing the navigation from the landing page templates design will focus on the viewers’ attention on what you want them to do. Allow them to fill the contact information and then, access let them access your exclusive content.
Use Color Purposefully
An attractive color plays an important role on how one can scan your site’s page and can interact with your content, just like other website’s page.
We don’t find which is color is best for landing page’s button, however, one thing is certain that it is better to draw attention to the “Download Now!” or action button. This is an effective action that you want your visitors should take when they see your landing page.
Leverage Social Proof
If you want to establish trust in your visitor’s mind, it would be better to highlight testimonials from current customers or surfacing active social media discussion related to products/services you offer.
When people see same people and organization using your product/service, it creates certain amount of confidence in your organization.
Add Click-Worthy Titles
It is surveyed that 8 out of 10 people read only headline of the page when they enter into your site. Thus, writing attractive headlines are must for capturing people’s attention and engage them towards conversion.
Creating main heading of funnel offer is just like a creating main headline of the newspaper’s front page. Both should be enough descriptive that let gives an idea about the body content along with, it should be interesting enough for someone to read.
A better headline increases the chance of conversions and that result into a lead.
Site should be Mobile Friendly
According to some survey, it is estimated that 1/3 of all internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. However, there are some businesses can afford to exclude targeting 1/3 of market by making mobile-friendly site.
If you are focusing on growth, then the landing page should be design responsively so that users can view from any smart device. Responsive design allows users to a consistent experience for every visitor, no matter whether they are using desktop computer, mobile device or tablet.
These are some excellent landing page tweaks that surely help you to boost conversion ratio of your eCommerce business. If you have some more tweaks and want to share with us then simple share through comment section.
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