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8 Predictions for Mobile Application Development 2016

Mobile Application Development 2016

According to some research, it is expected that about 75% of mobile applications will fail due to simple security tests. There are people downloading application from App store to access and perform some difficult task to make it easy.
There is no doubt mobile developers have changed the lives of people. They have used innovative thoughts and unique ideas to present mobile application among users. Thinking and innovativeness never stops. We know developers continue to amaze us by developing some eye-catchy applications by implementing some spice in it.
Thinking according to their minds, here we come with some predictions that we may see in mobile app development in 2016.

Mobile App OR Mobile Website- Which One is Best?

According to some data, it is shown that about 51% of people are visiting websites through mobile devices and thus, it makes mobile applications/sites are essential for businesses.
Now, the problem arises whether one can pay more attention towards mobile application development or to mobile site development. Such problem especially arises to those companies, who have small budget. With mobile websites, one can find new customers while mobile application helps to grab customer engagement and retentions.

Role of Mobile Application in Marketing

Mobile Apps Customer Service

We have evaluated that as compare to desktop visits, the number of smartphone visitors is double to access website.
Most of the businessmen are using mobile application by avoid using website or social media site through desktop. On the basis of the location and interests, customers can be reached with an ease.
There are companies using mobile application to promote businesses and their operations with some of the marvelous functions like messages, notifications, photo sharing, and video.
Having such type of features and information is must for outreach and even, one can find more integrated strategies among the marketing department and application developers to decide how to connect to the customers.

More Mobile Applications Become Targeted

Build frist Mobile Application
Developers are developing application for different purposes. However, as time goes on, developers are only target to particular services and requirements.
Even, people are using applications as the tools for particular functions. As the App Store is flooded with many different types of application, users are choosing more specific application as possible.

“Micro Moments” Approach Will Be Embraced

Micro Moments” Approach Will Be Embraced

Now, companies have to make mobile applications that are optimized for various mobile environments with the fragmentation of operating systems, mobile devices, and different sizes of mobile screens.
Mobile application developers will have to grab attention of people and engaged them in quick intervals minimum 5-10 seconds only.
It is noted that information like cross-device interaction and notification will become one of the most vital part of mobile application development process.

Mobile Applications Are Huge in Numbers

Mobile Applications Are Huge in Numbers

We can imagine that a collection of mobile applications are available with different sizes for business. Most of the businesses are using such applications for marketing purpose while some are using for promotional activities.
Additionally, due to application builders like BuildFire, Appy Pie, and so on, developers don’t have to spend their much time and cost for the development task. It has been seen that applications becomes the important part to run business instead of a perk offered via a business.



The early days of enterprise mobility is dominated by creating bas application functionality. However, the chance for successful innovation on mobile devices has moved forwards and delivery time becomes zero.
With all combinations, we found that development companies are staying away from the mentality of developing everything in-house. A talented and experienced team will easily gather pre-existing front-end components; no matter they have enough experience of developing mobile application or sites.
Moreover, we can also view some changes of new alternatives in the mobile web and apps as well. One can easily get app extensions for sharing experience with Apple’s iOS8 although Android has had aimed for quite some time.
Now, the mobile web is enjoying its own combination through HTML5 with web factors that is highlighted by Google Polymer.

More Frequent Communication With Mobile App

More Frequent Communication With Mobile App

When it comes to communication with the users, a proper way is to be needed and thus, in 2016 mobile app developers are working hard on that.
It totally doesn’t matter how many users you have, you have to ensure to communicate to know what works for them and what doesn’t. After knowing, you can help them in the most appropriate manner.
Among all other options, I personally prefer push notifications to talk to the users. As we all know that mobile application are changing the way of interaction but such trend is not showing the sign of slowing down.

Fight for Accessories And Ecosystems

Many leading mobile companies will transfer to ecosystems and accessories. We all know that Google and Apple have created a big stage for the biggest ecosystem in 2016.
In future, we will surely see the competitions among television (Android TV vs. Apple TV), span cars (Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay), (Android Wear vs. Apple Watch), and the home (Apple HomeKit vs. Nest), and so on.
We are thinking that products within an ecosystem only works combine; it won’t be that case across ecosystems. Moreover, mobile application developers should expect that customer will surely select any one of the ecosystem.
Apart from Android and Apple’s device, Microsoft and Amazon are also looking forward to put their device ecosystems soon in the market.
These are some prediction from our sides about mobile application development. If you have predicted anything about mobile app development then let us know through comment section.

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