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8 Questions You Must Asked Before Developing an Ecommerce Store

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Having a well manageable online store simply means that you are getting incredible revenue-generating opportunity for your ecommerce store. However, many a time, we are getting confused about what features should we add and what should not.
Creating an online store can be daunting task for any business as budget and other matter concerns. Novices, who are thinking to create online store, but have some questions in their mind, can go through this post.
1st Question: How do I begin with my ecommerce store?
First and the most common question arise in every online merchant’s mind is how can I build a custom online store. Many business owners, who don’t have enough investment for creating a custom online store, can have many ecommerce vendors that help to create an online store quickly.
Many companies like Shopify, Goodsie, Bigcommerce, etc. are those stores that let you design the entire look of your website along with adding exceptional functionality and features. After developing store, one can easily set up customer shopping carts, upload your product catalog, securely accept payments, handle order fulfillment and do lots more things.
One of the best things about taking service from all such websites is it host your ecommerce store from their own servers. Moreover, you can easily connect your store from your company’s main website.
2nd Question: How I can enhance look of my ecommerce website?
If you already have a website, it reflects the existing looks, including your logos and color schemes. In case, you don’t have a website, you have an option to choose background and accent colors of your choice that matches to your logo.
There are many attractive templates available with preset theme settings that don’t require any HTML or CSS knowledge to customize your website. That is why; it is much easier to add pictures, product images, banners, slideshows, etc.
3rd Question: Do I must require a merchant account and payment gateway?
There are many online merchants, who don’t have any idea about how online transaction takes place. Let me tell you, it is must to have a register a merchant account and payment gateway for processing online transitions.
4th Question: How will I charge shipping charges on purchase?
There are many online stores, delivering products without charging single dollar as free charging. Shipping plays an important role to enhance profit of the website.
If you are charging high shipping, no one likes to purchase from your site. On other side, you are charging low shipping cost, no profit will be earned. So, it is advisable to charge shipping cost after considering some important factors.
5th Question: Can I add customer feedback and social marketing options?
If you want to enhance confidence of your website, it is best to allow your users to comment on the product and leave ratings. If you receive positive feedback, you can share to your social networking site to increase your sales.
6th Question: How do I create attractive product images and features?
As visitors are not touching or smelling your products, it is advisable to grab their attention through eye-catchy and attractive images.
Moreover, add short and interesting description by adding its product’s features and specification. To grab attention of person, ensure to add some phrases and adjectives that inducing a person to purchase your product.
7th Question: How I catch attention of shoppers?
After creating feature rich website, promote your ecommerce site online and offline. You can also add link in your email newsletter campaigns.
One of the most efficient ways to attract your shoppers is to share your products and other related stuffs on social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you want to drive more traffic, then update your company’s social media sites on regular basis.
There are many ecommerce vendors that automatically use SEO for your content of your store. Using SEO tactics give you high ranking on the major search engines.
8th Question: How I can track my store’s success?
It is advisable to choose an ecommerce vendor that offers free self-service analytics, driven by Google Analytics and other reporting tools for tracking the performance of your store. With all these tools, one can easily know how many people are visiting your store, how they search you and where they reside.
Here is the list of top eight questions that could arise in the business owner’s mind, who are going to develop ecommerce website. If you are thinking to create your own ecommerce site and looking for ecommerce developer for hire then send us your requirements to us.

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