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8 Things Retailers Should Never Say to Their Customers

Retailers Should Never Say

Many a time, customers heard many things from retailers that come across as nasty, facetious or condescending and such things will destroy the customer experience instantly.
No matter, how you are going to communicate with your customers afterwards. Approximately, 70% of customers have decided to leave doing business with your company as they felt you treated rudely with them.
On other hands, there are many employees treated their customers never realized even. The worst part is customers aren’t going to tell your about your rude behavior, only they are do is realization. It is advisable to choose the words carefully or you are facing problem in conversation, here is some solutions.

You’re the first person to complain about this:

If you are saying ‘you’re the first person to complain about this’ to your customer, then 95% customer walk away without ever saying anything.
There are many customers don’t complain, so if you are listening to the one, you have to supposed that many unspoken issues are also there.
Customer, who is giving a unique complaint to you, favors you by showing a potential bigger problem.

Don’t say “it’s against our policy.”

Due to non-working policy, many a time, companies lose their customers as companies don’t afford them. Rather than sticking to company rules, it would be great to make your customers satisfied.
It would be great to manage this phrase by your management in order to refer when the policy are being mistreated. It’s your duty to tell your policy, but also tell another solution.

Never Say I’m new here:

A big congrates for your new job, however, a good customer service is how to keep it. Customers don’t care whether you are new or experienced person; he only wants a proper solution from your side. Instead of telling them about your biography, give them needful help.

I’m not an experienced person to cope with this, so I’ll send you to …

Any customer got in touch with you with a thought that you will solve their queries. By saying them something like weakens your credibility and destroys customer trust from you.
If you are finding someone else more qualified then let customer knows you are casting him/her to another to offer best solution.

Don’t tell all sales are final

Happy customers always bring more sales. No matter what your company’s policy is, all sales are final or returns are not allowed on chosen items, you have to answer or explain them in positive manners. Tell them your policy deeply and make them satisfied with positive words.

I don’t think you’re listening to me

There are many customers distracted during conversations by a multitude of things. Among such, one of those things could be the way you are presenting the information. Rather than you are saying “you’re listening to me”, tell them what you don’t understand.

Don’t tell anyone I said this

Sales person gets chummy with customers when they work for long time. However, that never gives them license to talk against the company or gossip with their callers related to their workplace.
It is advisable to shut your mouth, if you don’t think that you want to say should be heard by others.

Don’t Say “we’re closed.”

All companies have specified working hours and policies. Moreover, some customers don’t have an idea about your store hours and time. Instead of turn away a potential sale, it is advisable to apologize and tell them know your store hours.
These are eight important things that retailers never tell to their customers when they are interacting with them. Telling such things will destroy their business’s image and customers don’t come back to your place for purchase any product.
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Publish on Mar 6 2014