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9 Questions That You Should Ask Yourself Before Launching an eCommerce Site

You know that recently, an Australian entrepreneur earned approximately $20,000 in online sales in just four days. Yes, you read it correct $20000 in just four days only to stop taking orders as well as sell the business.
At last, the store earned money, but the curious story behind it must persuade other entrepreneurs to ask some serious questions before you launch an eCommerce website.
When it comes to Mat Carpenter’s story, his story is mostly positive. Mat hates glitter, but unfortunately, he opened his own glitter business, “Send Your Enemies Glitter” sounds almost as a joke.
The company would send your enemy full of the glitter envelope that when the recipient opened that envelope, the sparkly contents will spread everywhere and create a mess for your enemy.
It turned out that the joke was on Mat. You know that what happened – a lot of orders poured in – possibly thanks to the website’s foul mouthed promotional copy – it means that Mat had to cope gobs of glitter. But that was not worth it.
However, the website stopped taking orders and replaced the checkout with a message that reads – “Hi guys, I’m the founder of this website. Please stop buying this horrible glitter product — I’m sick of dealing with it. Sincerely, Mat.”
Eventually, Mat was able to sell Send Your Enemies Glitter for $85000 on Flippa. The new owners are already accepting orders again. And, they also decreased the price of glitter bomb to just $4.99.
So, if you have decided to start an eCommerce business, you may think that you would not get upset if it turned out like Send Your Enemies Glitter. Your online store will not go viral in the off chance. Don’t you think that it would be good to ask some perceptive questions before you begin with it?
Which are the questions that you should ask yourself before launching an eCommerce website? However, the main goal is not to read through these like a checklist, but instead of using these questions to help you ask questions of your own, so begin with it:

Q.1 How Much Sell Do I am expecting?

Before you launch your website, it is important to have a business plan because it will be extremely helpful for you. For instance, you will not have an idea on how much you should invest if you don’t knew how much you expect to sell.
You may be over or spend on hosting, web development or even on inventory. Why don’t you have a sensible idea of how you are expecting to grow your business? You should start looking at your competitors’ website or you can try to get market estimates from different industry sources such as trade associations.

Q.2 How Would I Develop the Website?

Frequently, entrepreneurs are starting an eCommerce business for mainly two or three reasons. As some of the entrepreneurs have a passion for a product or industry and some of them have special expertise in developing an eCommerce website, so they wanted to make use of those expertise and knowledge to earn huge amount of money.
So, it will be easy to develop the website for them, but previously, it was not that easy and they were looking for help. You may also need a help of web developer or need to choose a software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution that offers simple templates to get the site-up.
If you prefer to hire a professional developer, you will get a fully customized website; however, you have to pay more for it. Apart from this, it is also important to look that what your website will need and what it will need to do.
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Q.3 Will I Be Able to Manage Site’s Maintenance & Updates?

You will need a plan for how to handle updates to the website’s platform or any related software or services before you launch your eCommerce website.

Q.4 How Will I Host Website?

For most businesses, there is not a lot to do as SaaS eCommerce platforms come with the hosting. However, SaaS is not the only option that is obtainable. These days, it becomes an affordable thing to host a website on the cloud. Therefore, it is worth running the numbers and decides that what makes sense for your business.

Q.5 Will, I Be Able to Put Products on the Site?

Many of you all may get this question in mind that Will I be able to put products on the website? It is true that putting products on the eCommerce website is quite challenging, so if you have ten to 15 products, it is good to enter product information manually and upload product images as it won’t be bad for you. However, all the data entry will get old and rapidly, if you have some hundred of products.

Q.6 Which Types of Payments I Should Accept?

Have you thought that what types of payments will your new eCommerce business accept? There are various credit cards, PayPal and even Bitcoin. So how you are going to accept the payment? Will you need a special check-out form?
What about plugins or extensions to support those payments? The main goal of an eCommerce business is to sell a comprehensive range of products and services electronically. It will not happen until you will get the payment processing figured out.

Q.7 How Will I Protect Customer Information?

It is necessary that you do not forget to consider how you are going to protect your customer’s information when you are thinking about payments. Generally, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has a standard that is must to meet if you have to accept payment cards. Moreover, you will also find a lot of considerations that are beyond payment information. We all know that addresses as well as emails are also private things, so how you are going to protect these things?

Q.8 How Will Order Completion Work?

How will you process and fulfill orders, once the website is up and orders are pouring in? Are you going to get an email about every order? How you are going to process the order or print the packing slip? Will you need a physical box? Which shipping company will deliver your package?

Q.9 How Will I Attract New Visitors & Customers?

There are lots of eCommerce merchants, who built their websites and attracted a lot of customers. So Will you also be able to attract customers? Will you need a blog to include on your website? Are you going to provide links to social media? How you will stand out from your competitors on search engines?
Thus, these are 9 important questions that you should ask yourself before starting an eCommerce website. If you wanted to develop a high-end eCommerce website and have an idea in mind, you should discuss it with a professional eCommerce developer, who will comprehends your needs and help you out in develop a successful eCommerce business.
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