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Amazon Introduces The Fire Phone With Many New Cool Features

Amazon Fire Phone

From past several months, we heard lots of rumors about Amazon’s smart-phone, but finally those rumors come true as the company has unveiled its first smart-phone that is known as Fire Phone. The all new launched phone comes with 3D visuals, so thanks to four-tracking cameras on its front and gesture controls.
Being a first smart-phone from Amazon, the device allows users to change an image’s viewpoint by moving their head instead of developing “pop-out” effects. Owners of this smart-phone are able to scroll through a web-page or bring up menus by titling the smart-phone in their hand. The best thing about this device is that it is the only smart-phone with following mentioned features:
Firefly Technology:
feature-dp-swivel-thumb-v2The firefly technology of this smart-phone quickly recognize printed web as well as email addresses, phone numbers QR and bar codes. Moreover, this technology also identifies millions of other items comprising TV episodes, products, movies, songs and more.
Users just need to simply press and hold the dedicated firefly button so that they can easily discover the useful information and take any action in just seconds. Moreover, it also recognizes the printed text on posters, business cards, magazines and more – making calls, visit websites without typing long addresses, sending emails and more.
Unique Perspective:
A unique perspective feature of this all new smart-phone allows you to get an experience interaction that is not possible with other smart-phones. Users can easily auto-scroll, tilt and peek to navigate menus and access to different shortcuts with just one single hand.
They can leap into a new class of numerous applications and games, and they can also peek to view detailed information of shoes, clothing and much more. Its auto-scroll feature allows users to scan long web pages and read entire books without any hassle.
However, game players can get huge benefit of it as in the games like Lili, they are able to take on the character’s viewpoint and move their head to look across corners, objects and other obstacles.
feature-maydayUsers can get free, live and on-device video support with an Amazon expert 24×7 with just single touch of button. There is no need of any appointment. Additionally to Wi-Fi, Mayday is also obtainable over the AT&T cellular network, so users can enjoy free on device tech support. Importantly, normal data charges may charge while using Mayday.
Advanced Camera System:
The device comes with 13MP camera with optical image stabilization that allows the device to keep the shutter open up to four times longer for wonderful shooting.
One of the best features of the device is that it automatically back-up to cloud drive as it can back-up your pictures and videos to Amazon Cloud Drive. So, users can access it anytime and anywhere on their phone.
The smart-phone offers excellent 1080p video that enables you to capture all the acts in HD. Fire phone will record in 1080p at 30fps from both front as well as rear facing cameras.
With the advanced Fire phone, users can capture even the widest scene with panorama setting; hold down the shutter button so that they can capture a burst of shots in a fast moving scene.
Wonderful Android Apps & Tools:
Amazon’s Fire phone comes with lots of in-built tools and android applications that make users a lot tasks easy yet hassle-free. Moreover, the devices comes with 1000 Amazon cines for applications, in-app purchases and games for a particular time period.
Amazing Performance:
The devices comes with some excellent features that give users an amazing performance and allowed them to ultra-fast launch and load times, high-speed data and voice support and more. Users can also enjoy better viewing indoors and outdoors, uncompromised battery life, fast & fluid graphics and more.
So, these are some excellent features of the Amazon’s Fire smart-phone that users can enjoy and have huge fun with it. To get more information about this device, you can check-out below given video:

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Publish on Jun 20 2014