Why Augmented Reality is the much needed change for your business

Augment as a word means to increase or make something larger, bringing or implementing the idea into the statement will help one understand what the idea behind ARKit is.
Augmented Reality Kit technology help simplify the task of making natural more real and clear by combining the best technology available to bring the best result for your business, work and virtually in all aspect of life.

The use of an iOS application in promoting business success has gone beyond what you can imagine and as such day in day out, people are looking for ways to improve their business using technology.

Not only that, we will consider how much one would need to develop augmented reality application. In the end, you would be able to see clearly that adopting the augmented reality kit technology into your business would be a great idea for your business.

How can the Business Benefits from ARKit?

The use of ARKit in business spans over a very wide range, it is useful for shopping, for the training of customers, developing of games, marketing of business etc. Take, for instance, one recent project by Hackathon gave birth to an application that can recognize photos of fruit and vegetable and can also make recommendations for recipes with those ingredients.

A food store might use that and benefit maximally from it. A carpenter can also design various types of furniture on his device, and using several tools he can add various functions to make his work more real, even more than things he could do in real life.

Now, it has become very easy for business owners to showcase their businesses and give it wide publicity, thanks to the rise of Augmented reality technology. For a very long time, store owners and manufacturers have sort to build an atmosphere in their offices or showroom just to help their customer see how beautiful their services are.

Furniture sellers try to make sure their showrooms are beautiful so as to help customers visualize how their homes or offices will look like after purchasing the furniture.
With the birth of Augmented reality applications, your business can move to the next level, as you would be open to establishing a better connection with your existing customers and also help arrest the interest of new customers.

With the interactive experience offered to the user by augmented reality applications, a two-way communication between the customer and the brand can be facilitated. This communication link will help others access your service and will also help you entice them with the best of your service.

What does Augmented Reality (ARKit) Offer?

Natural form and the augmented form are very different. Things we see around us day in day out in this world is the natural form, meanwhile, the augmented reality stands as the direct opposite of that, as it mixes digital and real world together to give birth to another world, a more beautiful one.

Augmented Reality function has gone beyond things we see on the surface of our device screen.
Here are things augmented reality does, it takes the obvious beautiful function of our original world and adds some advancement to it like images, sound, and motions coupled with the GPS data component, and make the resulting view more enticing, attractive and more informative.
With the aid of VIO (VISUAL INERTIAL ODOMETRY) used by ARkit, it has become easy to track accurately the world around it. The VIO joins camera sensor data with CoreMotion data.

Presently, ARKit runs on the following devices APPLE A9, A10 and A11 processor.
So in summary, augmented reality present users with the ability to change the reality by augmenting the materials present in the environment. So with the birth of augmented reality application, businesses can now help their customer explore a more digitally manipulated and interactive world, which can be overlaid into our real world.

Trust me everyone will now continue to look like the professionals they aspire to be, even if they fall short in real life.

Which Industries Can Leverage the Benefits of ARKit?

The adoption and hiring of augmented reality kit technology by an iOS developer to create custom augmented reality application is now becoming popular among so many industries.
Recently, an article by published on Digi-Capital Blog explains that by the year 2021, the AR industry would have made up to US$83 billion.

But, in what ways do industries and businesses benefit from Augmented Reality?

Let’s discuss some general industry and how they benefit from using augmented reality in their business. We would talk about the medicine and healthcare industry, education industry, gaming industry, automotive industry, real estate industry, and the manufacturing and retailing industry.

  • Medicine and Healthcare

The healthcare industry has benefited largely from the advancement of Augmented Reality application. With the help of iOS developers, a series of applications have been developed to help with identification of symptoms, finding of veins in the body and checking the overall health condition of a patient via those developed application and trust me they are very easy to use.
Recently, an application was developed which would require the user to stand on the device connected to it and would immediately show any health-related issue the person might have. With this application, the work of a physician has been reduced and they only need to worry about how to cure the diseases.

  • Gaming

Games must be involving, captivating and immersive as an entertainment. In our present world, games are breaking ground and still gathering momentum. But, with advancement in iOS development and implementation of Augmented Reality into iOS application, the players view has now become more interesting and more engaging.
With the advancement and application of augmented reality technology in iOS development, humans don’t only play games but they can be sort of embedded into the game making it more interesting and real.

  • Automotive

The application of Augmented Reality in the automotive industry has gone beyond advertising. From showcasing of different products to creating digital show rooms, augmented reality technology has been used judiciously in the automotive industry.

Now, you can design various parts of your machine or a car and use these clear prototypes to build your real machine.

  • Real Estate

Applying Augmented Reality technology in iOS development of iOS applications now provide those in the field of real estate the ability to show the world their properties, buildings, apartments using the beautiful 3D function.

This will interest their customers more as they will be able to see clearly compared to those previously shown on paper.

  • Education

Even little children who would have hated education at an early stage of their lives,are now finding it very interesting, thanks to development in augmented reality application technology.
Learning from blackboard, chalkboard and videos will soon fade away.

With the use of AR apps, children are now able to engage with the subject directly by seeing how each points apply in the real life, this will help them better understand things they are being taught daily.

  • Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Augmented Reality technology can also be applied in the retail and manufacturing industry. You only buy things that will look good on you. For example, you will only buy a shoe when you’re sure it will look good on you, otherwise, you won’t.
Seeing the product beforehand will help you determine if the product will fit you or will not. The use of augmented reality technology will help you see how a material will look on humans, and this will help you decide if buying it is a good option or not.

How Augmented Reality Can Enhance the User Experience of your Mobile App?

When you offer something new, advanced and more functional to your customers, they tend to appreciate your work better. With the help of augmented reality application, it will be easy for you to brand your business and interact well with your customers and offer them with better and richer user experience.

Blending of the important functions (Research, creativity and innovation) to bring the most persuasive AR application with an absolute attention to detail, it will make sense to blend digital information on your product and allow your customers to interact with those products in real time.

Open up a World of New Possibilities for your Business with Augmented Reality.

The best function of augmented reality application is its ability to allow placement of virtual object into the real world. For a car industry, after developing and building a design plan for a car, the drawn plans can be manipulated to enable them create virtual 3D parts which will now be projectable using augmented reality mobile app.

The projection will help the industry see how their product will look like and will also help the user see how the product will benefit them.

With the birth of augmented reality technology for iOS development, you can have your customer explore your showroom or your business stands without you even building one or paying for one.
With just your phone, you can bring your business with you wherever you go, even make sales when you’re not in your office. The beautiful thing about it is that you’re making sales and advertising your good work whether you are indoor, in office or out of office.

Actual Cost to Develop Augmented Reality Apps.

Prices of product and services are dependent on several factors. The same applies to augmented reality field. The cost of developing augmented reality application will vary depending on your expectations and goals.

Some might be building for fun while others might be building for advancement of their business. What motivate them is different and how much they will invest in the business will definitely be different.

In building of any application, we have the ordinary functions and the premium functions. With the ordinary functions, you can use the basic function which might only last for some defined time. But, with the premium functions, you will be opened to further developed function that will allow you to experience more benefits.

For example, a photo editing application with its normal function might only present you with few tools like few frames, few colours etc. But as soon as you get the premium function, you will be able to design your own frame, pick any colour you want and do anything you want without limitations.

For iOS development using the augmented reality kit, you will get free and cheap functions that can be implemented, but those settings might only be useful at the initial stage or the testing process, and with those free function, you will not be able to customise your design.

But, for the best function that will offer your users the best experience and increase your brand awareness, you will need the custom augmented reality application development with a good application development company. You can be sure to get a better result that will outwit your expectations.

So, the exact price or cost of developing augmented reality application cannot be given, it depends of the functions to be implemented in the application, the quality of user experience needed, and required deadline for project submission.


The best idea to land your business the success you’ve been expecting is embedd deep into the augmented reality kit technology. Applying the ideas discussed above earlier into your business will help you achieve all you’ve been aspiring for.

Remember, that the success of your business is attached to your ability to get your augmented reality application to the market, and one way to do that is by hiring a top mobile app development company for your augmented reality application development.

If you need a mobile app development company to help you with the development of an application with Augmented Reality functions for your business, you can contact Perception System for that.

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