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Double Your Sales With Killer eCommerce Conversion Optimization Tips in 2016

eCommerce Conversion Optimizations 2016
Now, we are going to enter in the year 2016 by leaving all the old and aged things behind. It’s high time to adopt new things no matter it is your professional life or personal. Sticking with the old techniques and technologies is no more helpful for going ahead.
Nowadays, you can see that every businessman wants to get a creative eCommerce website that expands his business globally. If you already have one, it is essential that you run it smoothly and gain lots of profit.
However, there are lots of eCommerce merchants, who wanted to acquire new techniques to boost sales and profit of their business. But to increase sales and profit, it is must to boost conversion rate of eCommerce site. With the poor conversion rate, one can lose a lot of customers and sales of his/her website.
If you have an innovative eCommerce site with high conversion rate, it not only attracts new visitors, but also converts them into customers, who will buy products from your site.
Giving your customers a satisfying shopping experience plays a very biggest role in increasing conversion rate of your website.
However, if you are looking forward to new techniques for rising conversion rate of your eCommerce business, you can check-out below mentioned 2016’s 20 points that can help you out:

Know Your Targeted Audience

Initially, it is the most important point that you should consider for boosting conversion rate of your site is check your targeted audience. Who are the ones, who are going to purchase your products/services?
We all know that purchasing a product and service is a very big decision for your customers as lots of emotions are connected with it, so try to know those emotions. Along with the qualities that visitors are looking in any eCommerce website, you should also know behavioral patterns in shopping that he considers.
It is very much important to comprehend your audience for a successful online business. Audience is the one, who will visit your website, check your products and decide that whether it is right for him or not, so provide them what they are looking for. By providing their desired things, you won’t be disappointed and lose any important customer.

Try to Make Navigation as Simple as Possible

Today, lots of shoppers are expecting a simple and easy comprehensible eCommerce website that has simple navigation to reach their goal fast.
It is imperative that they can visit your site smoothly without any hurdle. If your eCommerce website has good navigation, it will be helpful for them to browse your services and products expediently.
If you will go with cluttered icons and menus, it will be difficult for your visitors to navigate and surf your site. Such types of websites are not preferred by users to be visited on a regular basis.
You can opt for less elements and come-up with drop down menus and roll over tabs if you want to make sure uniform traffic stream. With this, you will not only make your website user-friendly, but also place your products at the best place.
make simple navigations

Make Sure to Use High-quality Images

No matter what type of eCommerce website you are running and what products you are selling; it is must for you to use the best and high-quality images of your products.
As we all know that product images are very important visual element of your site, so you can use high-resolution images that show your products in the best way. Moreover, you can also go with the zoom lens and click from varied angles so that you attain best pictures displays of your products.

Make Your Deals Sweet with Special Bonuses

You know a single product + bonus plays very important role as compare to two products bundled together. Researched by Jerry Burger, it has been found that people mostly preferred to buy a cupcake that came with two free cookies instead of a bundle that contains a cupcake and two cookies.
By offering a bonus along with the product to your customers, you can make them feel that they are getting more for their money.

Provide Huge & Detailed Product Information

To increase conversion rate of your eCommerce website, you should prefer to provide more information about your products than that you have provided in the advertisement and in newspaper.
Provide your customers with a lot of information about your products as it will be helpful for them to decide that whether your product is a right choice for them or not.
In addition to this, giving in-depth information is another great conversion-trigger, so ensure that your product’s copy must be complete, engaging and interesting.
Along with the information, you can also give information on usefulness and benefits of your product because such information convenience your visitors to purchase your products.
Huge and Detailed Product Information

Boost The Quantity of Your Landing Pages

According to Hubspot reports in the linked study, companies that have more than 10 landing pages are generating 55% more leads compare to companies with 5 lesser landing pages.
If your eCommerce site will have more landing pages, it means you are able to make a lot more personal offers and search engines can send more targeted traffic.
But you also need to be little careful as it doesn’t mean that you get your same deal and make 30 different designs. You have to try to make your landing page 90% unique like different customer segments, offers and leadmagents.
Today, you can find a lot of B2B and B2C companies that have increased the quantity of their landing pages have been benefited from having more landing pages.
It seems that it is more advantageous to B2B and B2C businesses. It is simple if you have more landing pages, you will get more opportunities to convert site visitors into lead.
So, you can’t refuse the connection between the number of landing pages on your website and lead generation.

Provide Product Videos

product video
To boost conversion rate of your eCommerce website, you should also place videos that are similar to touching a product. In addition to that, you can provide in-depth information and benefits of your products to visitors in a direct as well as simple way.
Placing videos of your products is one of the best marketing techniques, which help people to enhance conversion rate of their site, so go through it. Further, it will also help you to engage your customers on your site for long-time and convenience them.
eCommerce merchants can find a lot of online tools for their small and mid-sized business to produce high-quality product videos at cost effective rate.

Test Upsells, Cross Sells & Downsells

There is no secret that whenever any person purchases your product, he/she much more likely to purchase another item as well. So, it is the reason upselling when a customer’s purchasing temperature has peaked is a typical sales strategy, which works wonder.
Downsells provide a cheaper option to people that say no to the original offer on the flip side. As per the Forrester research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru, 10 to 305 of eCommerce website’s revenues are responsible by product recommendations, so recommending products play an important role.
Apart from this, cross-selling is also essential to start whenever your business has crossed the line of 3 products. Upsells enables people to boost their order value with no extra investments on advertisements.

Display Your Shopping Cart All The Time

You should also ensure that your customers get constant access to their shopping carts. For it, you should place the shopping cart at the right hand side at the top corner of the screen.
Shoppers can check the products that decided by them to purchase. Hence, allow your customers a constant access to cart.
It is quite simple from a technical point of view to develop customer shopping carts on a separate page from your eCommerce store as customers are always in look for accessing to the cart in spite of the page they are on.
According to one report on Movies Unlimited, it is enabling its online shoppers to see their earlier products in the cart through a drop down menu.
Instead of navigating to a separate page, one can view it on existing cart as it leads to decrease in cart abandonment of 4% to 8%.

Tell The Story of Your Product

With constant increase in competiton, it is not easily possible for you to stand out from your competitors.
To stand ahead from your competitors, you will try to add various features in your product, but instead of adding features, you can tell a story of your product like how you got the idea and how you converted it into a reality.
Today, there are lots of eCommerce sites that are telling the story of their product as it helps merchants to compel their customers to purchase their products and builds credibility and trust., so you should also go with the story idea.

Provide Them Free Shipping

As per the statistics report, shipping charges are killing the conversion rate of any eCommerce website. It was calculated that more than 55% of shoppers abandon shopping carts because of shipping costs, as per another study.
People do not like such surprises when you unexpectedly charge them for shipment. They hate to be cheated by prices of products or shipment costs. So, make sure to be clear about your pricing and shipment cost.
If you want to charge for shipment, you should clearly mention it on the product page instead of giving hidden surprises to your customers. But you should prefer to offer free shipping of the products if you wanted to boost conversion rate of your site.

Make Sure to Use Weird Call to Actions

Many of you all may prefer to use standard Call-To-Actions copy like “Sign Up” or “Join”. But you can use weird call to action copy on your site like “Join Now” and get “access to our app”.
These days, you may have noticed that various eCommerce sites have used weird CTA buttons copy on their website as such CTP copy grab attention of your customers.
There are lots of case studies that have shown non-standard CTAs convert better than overused “learn more” and “sign-up” buttons.
By using new and weird CTAs copy on an eCommerce site, various merchants have noticed 60% of more visitors on their site, so it is more useful to use little different buttons that catch the attention of visitors.

Remember Not To Distract Your Customers

At the check-out page of your site, you should only provide information and nothing more. There are lots of eCommerce websites that have placed ads of their product on the check-out page or placing links to the firm’ blog.
So, customers do not like it if you are distracting them in the middle way. If your customers find some elements are impeding to their purchasing experience, they may leave your cart and will never come back on your site.

Enable Comparison

Whenever any customer purchases a product, firstly he/she thinks about the comparing price, so it is must for you to provide comparison facility on your eCommerce website so that your customers can easily compare products price with other website’s price of the same product.
With comparison feature, you will your customers an ability to compare the products of your shop that they like the most and willing to purchase. Make sure your products are saved one table so that your customers can easily see the different between the products that they have chosen.

Make Easily Visible Your Top Sellers

If you make any of your products as a top seller, it reveals a social proof to your customers and it will be also helpful for you to boost conversion rate of your site.
Let’s take an example: in the below given image, you can see that the owner of the site has made its one of the products as top seller that will surely catch the attention of future visitors.
Moreover, you can also personalize your best seller list by customer segments or purchase history. It is the best way of boosting conversion rate of your eCommerce site without any hassle.

top seller

Place Some Featured Products on Landing Page

It is also important for you to display accurate and featured products/services on the landing page. By displaying featured products on landing page, it will help you to make things clear for your visitors on your site.
It will also help them to focus on what they should prefer to purchase. As a result, the conversion rate of your eCommerce site increases.

Show Special Deals & Discounts Clearly

If you are providing any kind of discount, offers and special deals, make sure that such information must be clearly seen on your website so that it grabs attention of your visitors and compel them to purchase your products.
Home page is the best place for showing such information and discount coupons. By displaying special discount and offers on your home page, it will help you to improve conversion rate of your website and catch the attention of customers quickly.
We all know that discounts as well as incentives are related to particular product, so it is good to place them on that product’s page.

Enable Category Search

If you are selling a lot of products of different categories on your website, you should enable category search as it enables your customers and visitors to search in a particular category.
It is true that achieving various product search engines needs time as well as money, so if you can’t afford to invest in search, it is important that you have a category level search on your eCommerce website.

Offer Various Payment Options

There are lots of customers/shoppers, who do not like to share their credit card details on your website, so they likely leave your website before purchasing anything from you.
Therefore, it is better for you to provide a lot of payment options on your website so that they can pay using different modes as per their convenience.

Don’t Forget to Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

As we all know that the usage of smart-phones has been increased as everyone prefers access different websites and surf Internet using their smart-phones.
Therefore, it is must for you to make your eCommerce website mobile friendly; however, it is not an option any more.
To get huge success in the eCommerce market, you have to get a mobile-friendly website, but make sure to significantly decrease the number of pages on your site.
You should also make sure that your mobile-friendly website runs smoothly so that your customers do not face any trouble.
So, these are some of the easy to follow points that can help every eCommerce website owner to boost conversion rate of their website in 2016. By following these points, you can easily boost conversion rate of your site as a result, sales and profit of your site will increase.
However, if you are facing any problem while executing these tips, you can contact our eCommerce developer, who can optimize your website through its special expertise and hands-on experience.

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