Beware!! External hard drive’s data May Lost After Upgrading to Mavericks


On the official Western Digital forums, many owners of external hard drives are experiencing that their drives were completely destroyed data after upgrading to the latest version of OS X. Last week, an email is sent by Western Digital to its registered customers by warning them to avoid using external hard drives on machines that run OS X Mavericks. However, these problems aren’t specific to Western Digital drives yet.
According to some competing companies like LaCie and Seagate, the external hard drives of owners were wiped after upgrading to Mavericks. This problem occurs in many different types of drives, including MyBook lineup. Western Digital isn’t blame a hardware-level issue, but they have doubt on software that is shipped with the drives it sells.
The WD SmartWare apps, WD Drive Manager and WD Raid Manager are also causing data corruption in Mavericks. After updating to the newest Mac OS, we have seen threads on both the Western Digital and Apple support site about corrupted drives complaints.
What is Solution?
Do not reformat your drive:
It is advisable to avoid reformatting your drive as there is still your data in it. In case, you are reformatting your drive then it becomes difficult for you to recover your essential data using data recovery software. Moreover, you can simply check drive’s capacity using “Get Info” to confirm your data still in your drive.
Check for software updates:
In next step, you have to check for software updates to LaCie or WD that supplied by drive software tools. You can find such updates through individual manufacturer Websites and/or via Apple. You can also check for firmware updates for your drive.
Check in another Mac:
It is advisable to make use of a non-Mavericks Mac to make sure that your data is available on the drive. One should have to consider backing up your data to another drive.
Use your own Mac:
If you finds everything fails then switch to your own Mac to its pre-Mavericks state by using Time Machine backup and the OS X Recovery tools or a cloned version of your pre-Maverick Mac or other such backup, if you have.
Take a Breath and Relax:
Do not panic. WD is finding problem that is likely based on the firm deteriorating to audit its applications against Mavericks developer guidelines.
Hoping, Apple software patch and future manufacture may find error and solve as soon as possible. It is also expected that data will not be damaged and corrupted if user tries to reformat these drives before release comes to fix this issue.

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Publish on Nov 7 2013