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How Can Website Design Boost Client Conversions In 2019?

Client conversion is one of the prime goals for most of the websites and web applications aiming to do business online. Therefore, conversion optimisation strategy is believed to be a significant parameter to the success of an online venture.
Unfortunately, most of the web designers, particularly eCommerce web designers focus more on the inner parts of the buying process such as shopping process, sales funnel, and checkout process. They miss out on attracting visitors, engaging them, retaining or converting them.
Exploring website design trends can lead us in the right direction i.e towards finding out how we can boost the conversion rate for the website end-users and in turn become a lead to a top-notch website design company!
Let’s get some insights.

Let’s Keep Minimal in 2019

Have you ever met a thorough professional personality? He or she will only talk about essential subjects and always keep it minimal. Language and tone would be the simplest, so anyone can comprehend it. The conversation would be the shortest and describe your expected things quickly to give whatever you expect from them.
Don’t you think that you should introduce the same characteristics in your professional design for a website for the profession of your clients? It is the concept working behind minimalistic designing approaches in the website design community.
Only essential elements with uncluttered design and enough white space to avoid user experience distractions sound great!. The flat design concept is good but seems more practical when a touch of material design is added.
Thus, attractive doesn’t mean fancy, but functional.

Design Your Website to Be Responsive

A survey on E-commerce by Adobe in 2018-19 has revealed that
shoppers use smartphones or tablets to find the shopping site they intended for, surf the products and add to the shopping cart. But else! A few percentages of those shoppers accomplish checkout and payment processes on the handheld devices.
Why? They feel more comfortable and secure with desktops or laptops like big sisters (Devices) and switch the devices to finish their shopping.
Another thing is that Google, and other search engines have made mobile-friendly websites a prime ranking factor.
Considering both these instances, we can conclude that responsive web design is a complete solution to meet the device preferences of the modern website users if developed carefully and using the latest UX design principles.

Speed up Your Site by Loading the Page at Multi-Step

Despite the advent of performance optimisation technologies and a drastic reduction in page loading time, web visitors are becoming more and more impatient and ready to leave the site if any significant delay occurs.
There are many ways to indicate that loading is taking place like running loading animation, loading icon, loading progress bar, and skeleton screen loading. Out of this option, use of skeleton screen layout is an excellent choice at human psychology point of view.
Apparently fast loading websites will retain more customers and help in improving the conversion rate.

Use Chatbot to Assist Potential Customers in 2019

When users explore your website, they often need help to get some kind of guidance or answers to their queries. However, most of the websites provide multiple ways of contacting the owner/webmaster or support team like email, instant messenger, live chat, VOIP, and a phone call.
Out of the many options, live chat is a handy one and quick way to get the person or response at another end. Fortunately, with the integration of Artificial Intelligence live chat behaves like humans and automatically answer most of the queries without any need of human support staff.
It reduces the burden on the support team and also improves the satisfaction rate of the visitors who use Chatbot like intelligent integration.

Include Value Based Offers at Exit

You may have noticed that many first time visitors arrive on the site and make a long journey by exploring various pages or products. Often they tend to leave the site without converting, and you miss the conversion.
If you are running a brick store and feel that a customer is about to run away without indicating any reason, you may have a trick to stop them leaving. That trick is offering a value-based offer.
That offer may consist of a freebie, free shipping, or a discount on their choice of valuable items. The same is possible online because you have some products with high price tags and scripts placed on those product pages can trigger the popup with an exit offer when a real and honest visitor is nearly leaving the page by clicking close or exit button in their browsers.
It may tempt those customers to come back and accomplish the buying process.

Use Videos to Persuade Your Customers in 2019

With the advancement in video embedding technologies and decent support by social channels like YouTube, multimedia integration is a craze among the website owners and web developers alike.
However, simply uploading or embedding introductory videos is hardly going to help in converting visitors. You will have to add persuasive videos with actual humans/real customers applauding your products or services and also highlighting their distinct features and functions.
Such persuasive videos become a social proof for your social media campaign and bring more traffic.

Use Subtle but Rich Animations

The web community believes that the power of an image is hundred times more than texts, and videos are thousands of times more useful then text. However, rich animations are no less. It is a fact that we cannot produce videos for all needs and it is rich animations, which are capable of filling the gap.
Cinemagraphs is another smart way to captivate the attention of busy visitors and compel them to go ahead on conversion funnel. Cinematograph is also useful in paid social ads like on Facebook to increase CTR and finally conversion.
Apart from the big animations like Cinemagraphs, some subtle but intelligently designed animations on CTA elements like buttons, icons, and image backgrounds are a few new trends we can explore. It not only attracts the attention but proves intuitive to guide or compel the users to take intended actions.

Add Context to CTA

As we have discussed earlier, the subtle animation makes CTA elements live and more effective. However, it may not be able to deliver conversion message effectively. You need to write some texts in the context of the CTA as the relevant message.
If your CTA is to solve a particular problem of the visitor, you must deliver the message in writing fist and place the CTA afterward.
For instance,

Increase Average Order Value (AOV)

I cannot say about websites or web portal for other niches, but eCommerce marketers are always looking for the increase in Average Order Value (AOV) by implementing various techniques and tactics.
Among those, offering allied major/minor products, similar products, discounts, coupons, and voucher-like marketing incentive to encourage more buying within a single effort and a shopping cart checkout process.
According to the market, such up-sells increase revenue by 10-30% and a number of repeat customers.

Remove Sliders & Carousels

Sliders and carousels look great on big screens and help in enhancement of overall appearance and some in conversion. Unfortunately, for mobile users, those prove non-functional and distracting.
Mobile users feel ease in scrolling rather than swipe. Therefore, a mobile-friendly hero image with a single but effective message with head and sub-headline prove more effective in conversion than scattered messages on carousels.

Card Layout for Effective Navigation

The card layout is an ideal choice for mobile browsing because it is the most suitable design for the crunch of screen real estate. You can place texts, images, or videos in the discrete containers. The scrolling eases the navigation and cut the length of the user journey considerably.

Write Content that Converts in 2019,

Images and videos alone are not adequate to convert the user, but it is text in the right combination and context that enables users to grasp ideas or messages behind the other multimedia content.
You must concisely write copy to grab the attention of users as well as lead them through the conversion funnel. From the SEO point of view, adding your business keywords naturally as well as optimize the copy with headings, sub-headings, and styling for aesthetic look-n-feel is very important.


Most of the website owners or marketers spend a big portion of their marketing budget on bringing visitors on the site, but a very few on engagement and retention of those customers through improving designing aspects of the website and conversion funnel.
If you are a forward-thinking business person and are looking for the right guidance on conversion optimisation, using website designing trends of 2019, believe the Perception System is an ideal choice for it because website designers have gained big applauds from the global clients with a high rate of satisfaction and revenue.
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