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How to Boost Sales with Ecommerce Mobile Design Patterns?

Ecommerce Mobile Design

No one can live without using smart device even a single day. There are many people replacing personal computers with smart devices for shopping or purchasing anything.
As number of people is moving from desktop to mobile device, online shoppers are thinking to develop mobile-optimized websites to catch attention of people towards their site by establishing an attractive mobile design patterns.
According to some research, it is found that 67% of purchase is made by people through their smart device. So, it is must to focus on mobile design pattern along with mobile e-commerce functionality. Let’s discuss some effective functionality of one-by-one:
Home Page
Generally, home page includes less content and more stuff that users are looking for. Simple single-column layouts for promotions and single-column lists of links to the featured website areas or product categories are common pattern that we have generally seen while visiting mobile website.
Home page seems to be empty without proper ‘Keyword search’ box, registration forms for promotional emails and loyalty programs and links to store locators.
Site-wide navigation
There are many websites that designed with navigation menus on most of their pages, generally on header section apart from using in the home page as the main navigational hub.
Having such type of navigation menus allow customer to shop easily and can get back from one part of website to another without visiting the home page.
Suggested search
Suggested search is better known as type-ahead or autocomplete that shows results as soon as users type few character of their products. It provides real convenience to shoppers, no matter whether your search item is long or short.
One of the disadvantages of suggested search is it taps wrong characters easily on the virtual keyboard. On other side, an improved Auto-Suggest pattern is also best for minimizing typing requirements to enter questions and using mobile bandwidth in the most proficient way.
Search results
Table display and grid display are the two important patterns that can be used for search results on mobile e-commerce websites. If you are using table displays, it shows a thumbnail photo and some basic information like price, details, etc.
while a grid displays larger images with less descriptive information. There are many websites that allows user to choose one from both displays according to their convenience.
Search filtering and sorting
With the help of Search filtering and sorting category, shopper can easily manage a large set of results with a continuum of values like consumer rating, price, etc. One can also use common interface patterns like buttons and menus for solving.
With filter result, one can easily narrow down their choice that based on one or more attributes like size, brand, colors, etc. Filter search result also applied when one or more than one value is chosen.
Product pages
Most important page of every website is its product page, where all details of products are placed for shoppers to buy. Collection of pattern can be used tabs, accordions and photo galleries to enhance web functionality and features of website for users to give convenience shopping experience.
Business owner can make two common approaches, i.e. page with tabs or accordions to permit for progressive disclosure of information as required by customers or create one long page with essential product information.
Photo galleries
If we are talking about Photo galleries for e-commerce industries such as apparel and consumer electronics, it would be critical to decide as users might want to see a product from three different angles when shopping from online site.
Moreover, picture should be of high-resolution with patterns like “double-tap to zoom”, the swipeable gallery or thumbnails for selecting photos.
Shopping carts
Usually, shopping carts shows products in a table pattern. Apart from showing content, users can also able to see some exceptional functionality like to save a product to a favorites or wish list, as the ability to save an order, to apply promotional or coupon codes, to remove products or update quantities, to choose shipping or in-store pickup, and to check out..
Checking out with an account or as a guest
Checking out is one of the most important process that can be applied to checkout flow. There are many different websites that allow customers to checkout with guest person or with existing account. If you are existing customer, you can simply use existing payment and shipping information for quick shopping.
Whether you are want to search, check out, register or enter coupon and promotional codes, Forms are most commonly used in mobile e-commerce. It is advisable to aware of good practices while you are designing form for your mobile apps. There are some simple tips that you keep in your mind while designing form like:
Put form labels above input fields, so users don’t have to shift off screen while they are entering their requirements into form. It would be best to use HTML5 input types for showing proper keyboard for the field being used. Make fields mandatory when it is necessary. One of the best ways to create form is by using geo-location to recommend ZIP code to the shopper.
Wrapping Text:
With the increasing in number of mobile e-commerce, there are many online shoppers willing to create m-site. So, it is must to consider all such factors before developing site for your smart phone users.


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Publish on Aug 27 2013