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Build Successful E-Commerce Development Team with 5 Important People


It doesn’t matter whether you are using your website as a marketing tool or as an e-commerce business, your websites are always important than just an addition to the corporate presence. These days, websites are a necessity.

In many cases, we all know that websites can make-or-break a company’s image, especially concerning ecommerce business. When it comes to an e-commerce website, all the visitors are looking for interesting yet appealing websites with graphics and user interaction.

You can lose your potential clients, if the design of your website is too busy or taking too much time to load. In short, we can say that you need to be aware of what the public expects from your site.

Whenever you need to make your e-commerce website a perfect destination for your customers, you will need a good and professional e-commerce development team, who handle important tasks of your business and boost web presence of your brand. While building a team of ecommerce development professionals, there are lots of variables that must be taken into consideration.

For instance: if your business uses web site as a marketing tool in order to present products and services, you may need a static site, which will be updated occasionally. There may be your team consist of a single skilled web master so it is essential for you to remember that too much stock in one individual is not good.

There are many websites that may need daily, weekly or up-to-the minute updates. However, if you are looking to build professional ecommerce development team, below given 6 important persons can make your team perfect. The team may consist of lots of system administrators, web masters, web application programmers, and project managers.

First – Project Manager

In the whole e-commerce development team, project manager plays a very significant role as he/she is responsible for more than just the website. Only project manager is responsible for the team’s individuality, communication and follow-through. It is one such position that doesn’t need any particular programming or networking skills, but a technical background is more preferable.

A good project manager can easily represent the team and has capability to speak intelligently. When it comes to the most important task of to-gathering the needs of the website, he is the only person, who can understand the expectations of the clients. He needs to be careful while understanding the complete idea of the project so that he/she can convey it to the team. Normally, three to five years of project management experience requires for this position.

Second – Web Master

When it comes to second important person of the ecommerce development team, web master is highly important person, who knows HTML and a few Java scripts. It is must for this person that he/she has good written skills, including grammar and spelling mistakes. He will be the one, who closely work with the client and project manager in order to decide about the content of the website and layout.

Along with it, it is also important that he has knowledge of flash animation, adobe Photoshop and VB scripting. He/she should be the connection to the team, and a successful web mast must also be familiar with the operating system. It is also essential that he know how it communicates to the application serve, which is desirable. Approximately, 3 to 4 years of experience required for a qualified web-master.

Third – App Developer

We all know that only an application developer is responsible for developing server-side functionality for web-based apps. It involves working with all the features of the server and database. When it comes to talk about the common internet programming languages, it includes PERL, ASP, CGI, Java, ActiveX and many others.

It is important that he has hands-on experience with IP networks, database development and thoughtful of the operating system. To analyze and interpret the client requirements, they need to be work with the project manager. A developer needs to have 2-4 years experience and depending on the complexity of the apps as well.

Fourth – Graphic Designer

A professional graphic designer will boost your web development team if you have the resources. A good designer can easily assist you in the development of images and any other graphical needs of the development project.

It is also important for you to expect a minimum of a four-year degree in fine arts or related field. Moreover, you make sure that he has an expertise in the multimedia tools. Currently, Illustrator as well as Adobe Photoshop are the two most popular technologies that known as industry standard.

Fifth – System Administrator

If you have a good system administrator in the e-commerce development team, it can make huge difference and make your site successful. If your website can be operated in a secure manner, then it is good enough to suffice the needs.

Only a system administrator can make your site successful by taking the responsibility of building, maintaining and securing the web, application and database servers in the internet architecture. A person with the firewall and Apache web server background is good if your environment runs on Unix.

So, these are five major persons that you need to include in your ecommerce development team if you are looking to build a perfect and professional team. If you are looking to contact such e-commerce development team, you can contact us.

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