Cross Platform Frameworks

How to Choose Suitable Cross-Platform Framework To Target Business Clients?

Cross Platform Framework

When it comes to develop a cross-platform application, there are lots of cross-platform frameworks to choose from, so it is quite difficult for users to choose one such framework that delivers incredible experience.
One of the best advantages of getting cross-platform application is that it can save your lots of time as well as money, so businesses of different industries can opt for development of cross-platform app and get lots of benefits.
But before you begin with your project, it is essential to choose one such framework that delivers utmost features so that the development of mobile application becomes extremely easy. Let’s have a look on different cross-platform frameworks:


Today, PhoneGap is the most popular and widely used open-source software framework that supports with numerous platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Bada, Symbian and many more. Using this framework, users are allowed to build superior quality mobile apps with the help of latest technologies like CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5. It is one such framework that improves its capabilities constantly in order to deliver outstanding experience to its users. For More Click Here

Appcelerator Titanium:

Second most popular cross-platform framework is Appcelerator Titanium that uses JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, HTML5 and Python to develop applications that run on multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android and more. The best thing about this platform is that it gives high performance of the application and access to numerous native features. Users can make use of this cross-platform framework in order to get their desired application that will run on different platforms.For More Click Here

Sencha Touch:

When it comes to Sencha Touch, it is a UI framework for HTML5 based applications. This framework works wonderfully on different platforms. Currently, Sencha Touch has more than 50 built-in components and a built-in MVC system. It makes applications responsive and looks like native ones. Being fully based on web standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, this framework mainly aims to allow developers to quickly develop HTML5 based mobile apps.


Last, but not least is RhoMobile, which is an open source framework known for its amazing features and functionalities. The best thing about this framework is that it is good for developing enterprise solutions that don’t depend on operating systems and screen sizes. So, using this cross-platform framework is best for you to get your desired application.
So, these are some of the best cross-platform frameworks and each one has its own features to offer its users, thus they can make a choice from these and begin their development. Moreover, they can hire a professional cross-platform developer, who provides quality application at the most competitive rates.

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