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A Complete Guide on Developing Your First Mobile Application

Build frist Mobile Application
Got an idea to develop an amazing mobile application? And wanted to turn your idea into reality, but don’t know how to begin with it?
Well, it is true that developing a first mobile application is a quite difficult task for beginners as it needs a special expertise and experience in the app development industry.
But, you don’t have to worry as here I have provided a complete guide on developing your first mobile application successfully.
It doesn’t matter what type of mobile application you wanted to develop, below mentioned guide can help you to start from scratch to end, so go through it and develop your first mobile app without any hassle:

Get a Unique Idea From Your Mind

If you already have an idea in your mind, you need to move ahead to begin with it, but still if you don’t have a unique idea in your mind, you should polish your mind and think for a unique idea that works.
While thinking of an app idea, make sure that must be unique and exceptional so that you get huge success when you turn it into reality.
Today, there are lots of people, who have ideas in their mind and turn them into reality, but unfortunately they don’t get expected success from it because of its ordinariness, so it is essential that you have an exclusive application idea in your mind that works best for you.


After getting a unique idea from your mind, now it’s time to research on it as it will be helpful for you to begin with it.
Researching on your idea has mainly four different purposes like is there any other application that has the same concept as yours, get a design integration for your application, look for the technical needs that you will require for your app and finally look how you can market your app.
Many of you all may think that your app idea is revolutionary, but you never know when your hopes will be crushed. Currently, you can find 1 million+ applications for Android and iOS platforms, so if you go with the same idea that already exists in the market, it is not useful.
However, you don’t have to be disappointed with it; you just have to focus on your own project and trust on your capabilities. You can check-out other applications and think what unique features you can add and how you can improve it.
For designers, Dribble is one of the finest places that help them to showcase their work to other people and get feedback on it. To get inspiration from them, it is the best place ever as you can get ideas about design as well as implementation.

Start Sketching

After researching on your app idea, you should develop a rough sketch of it. By sketching your app idea, you are placing the foundation for your future interface.
It is one such major step where you can visually conceptualize the primary features as well as approximate the layout and structure of your app.
Moreover, it will be also helpful for your team members to understand your complete idea and concept of the application. Such rough sketches of the application can be used as a reference for the next step of your project.

Get an Expert’s Opinion

After a rough sketch of your application, you should get an expert’s opinion or advice on your sketch and project as they can help you out in it.
There are lots of experts in the industry with whom you may have connections, so you can discuss your project and show them your sketch as it will be helpful for you to get complete idea on your project that whether it will work in the market or not.
We all know that experts always give a correct advice as they have years of experience in the market, so go with their advice and try to execute it in your project to make it successful.

Develop a Prototype of Your App

After getting an expert’s opinion on your project, you can start developing a prototype of your application as it is one such stage, where you can combine your idea and features into a clear picture.
Today, there are lots of online prototyping tools, including HotGloo, Balsamiq, InVision, Moqups and Fluid UI.
Using these online tools, you are able to drag and drop all the placeholders and representative graphics into one place. Moreover, you can also add functionality so that it will be easy for you to click through application in review mode.
However, you can also develop a storyboard for your application as it can help you to understand the connection between every single screen and how users can navigate through your application.

Test Your Prototype

After developing a prototype of your application, you can test it as you just have to revert your wireframes and ask some of your friends, colleagues and other people to review the prototype. You can allow them to access your wireframe and offer them an application test run.
You can ask them about their review and honest feedback so that you come to know about flaws and dead-end links. Preferably, you can also invite them to try out the prototype to your studio so that you can watch how they are using your application.
Well, the main aim of this stage is to know flaws and mistakes of your app concept before you begin with the design process because once you begin the design process, it will be quite difficult to change some things.

Start Developing Your App

Now, if the testing process of your application has been done, it’s time to start developing your application as your developers have to set-up databases, servers, storage solutions and APIs.
It is one such stage of your application development, where you also have to create developer’s account.
Make sure you register for a developer’s account with such application store that can sell your application through their platform. When it comes to two most popular platforms, Google’s Android is charging $25 a year and Apple is charging $99 for a year.
You will also get an alternative of registering as a company or as an individual, so you can choose any option as per your convenient.

Put Design of Your App

There are lots of people or entrepreneurs, who wanted to get a very simple yet basic design and want to focus on developing a successful application.
However, they are wrong because design is not all about how your application looks, but it is mainly about how users will get experience while using it.
So, you need to be careful while designing your application as users loves to get a unique and user-friendly designing application.

Again Test Your Application

Once the designing part of your application has been completed, you have to be ready for another testing of your application.
Yes, you read it correct; you have to go for the second round of testing as it will be helpful for you to know the flaws and errors of your application if it has any.
A second round of testing is important because finally, you have executed your entire concept in a place and inserted all the graphics, so finally testing your app will be helpful for you.
For easy testing of your application, you can find free testing applications like Framer and Solidify that enable you to import your app designs and include links, where required.

Release The Application

Finally, it’s time to release your developed application, but remember that app marketplaces have lots of different policies to publish your application. However, if you are looking forward for submitting your app in Google App store, it does not review your newly submitted application.
Initially, they pass it, but at some point of time; they check your app, but you can quickly submit your app to Google Play.
But, if you wanted to submit your application in Apple App store, once again, it is different. Here, they review and approve your application before they live your app on their store.
At least, they are taking a week before giving any feedback on your application. Once, your application goes live in your desired app store, make sure to do the marketing of your application and get huge popularity.
So, it is a complete guide on developing your first mobile application that will help you to develop a successful app if follows accurately.
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