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6 Things to Consider When Picking Out WordPress Template for Business

A short check list for WordPress Business Template

WordPress can be a great CMS as it comes with a lot of built-in functionality and an active user-community. Additional, users can have thousands of themes for their WordPress blog / sites to choose from. However, with thousands of themes available, it becomes difficult for them to choose one of the finest that suited to the business.
There are many considerations that I would recommend taking out when you are assessing WordPress themes. Some of them are:

Choose Theme with Needed Functions Only

One of the biggest problems we all are facing while selecting theme for WordPress business site is it comes with all the functions and options that a blogger can imagine. However, such types of themes loads site slower and also can affect other functions as well from plug-ins.
It is advisable to avoid choosing themes that has many widgets and panels with different types of colors. An excellent theme should be of general colors with beautiful header, some essential widget and panels.

Look Number of Downloads

If you are facing problem of choosing right theme between two-three, you can have an option of choosing on the basis of number of downloads. These download numbers tell you how useful and trustworthy theme it is.
On other side, you can imagine that how many sites have same theme as you are going to download. That is not issue for many owners, who download theme, but could be a problem for those people, who wants to create unique site.

Check Its Browser Compatibility

While choosing theme, you have to make sure that it supports all browsers or not. Choosing w3 valid and cross browser compatible makes sure that you are grabbing huge audience from different browsers.
There are many themes that don’t support Internet Explorer completely, however, you have to remember that a large audience still using Internet Explorer and other browsers and thus, your theme must be compatible with all browsers.

Easy to Customize

I personally believe to choose WordPress theme that can be easily customized. Many customizable themes are available that allows customization without any PHP coding or CSS for same. However with such option, you can add or delete any wanted or unwanted functionality with an ease.

Responsive WordPress Theme Is Must

Mobile of users are using mobile instead of computers or laptop for accessing any site. So, it is must for your business to have responsive template that can excellent viewed on smartphone.
Before choosing any theme, ensure to test its demo page to get proper idea about selected theme through responsive website checker.
For those, who don’t have idea about responsive site then let me tell you, these sites can be changed according to device’s size and adjusted properly. A responsive site helps business to get audience from every device.

Check Out SEO Functionality

The leading search engines like Google, Bing, etc. are updating their search algorithms. Thus, it is must to publish valuable and unique content. It is the best thing that you can do for SEO and thus, it is important to make it easier as possible.
If we are talking about its relation with SEO, then ensure to choose theme that has built-in functionality as it only helps you streamline your SEO efforts. For that, at least, you also want SEO-friendly URLs and editable Meta Description.
It totally doesn’t matter, whether you are choosing free theme or premium version for your business’s site. You have to only keep in mind to choose the best and most appropriate one as your website is your worldwide business card.

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Publish on Aug 26 2014