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How to Get Current Customers to Purchase More From Your eCommerce Site?

Current Customers to Purchase More

Earlier, I have written a post on 7 proven methods to boost customer retention for your eCommerce site, but now I am going to write on how to get current customers to purchase more from your site. Today, there are lots of different tactics to customer retention in order to get current eCommerce customers to buy more from your site.

Instead of trying to find new customers, it is easy yet cheap for you to get past customers to purchase again and again from your website. With constant increasing in the cost of ad impressions, clicks and conversions, it is best for businesses to their old customers and compels them to purchase from your website.

Without wasting your precious time, I will begin with some strategies to target your current customers by which you can compel them to purchase often from your store.

Ensure That You Execute a Customer Loyalty Program

When you develop a customer loyalty program for your customers, it is one of the best ways to boost conversions from your current customers while rewarding them for their repeat purchase. We can say that developing on the thought of customer accounts is the reward to the customers for their loyalty on your business.

However, it is extremely easy for you to develop a loyalty program as it is like rewarding your customers on their second purchase from your stores. With your store’s report, you can easily decide that who is your best customer by dollar value and total number of order:

Customer Loyalty Program

Many of you all may have busy schedule due to which you are not getting time for it, but there are lots of ways to automate it. With Shopify applications like Klaviyo, you can automatically email your customers a reward coupon whenever your existing customers make a repeat entry and purchase from your store.

Moreover, it is also best option for you to go with featured and automated loyalty applications such as LoyaltyLion and SLoyalty as these apps can easily reward your customers for different actions that taken by them in your store like referring friends, customer account, making purchase and more.

making purchase

Making Use of Customer Accounts

You know that customer accounts can help in two ways – firstly, accounts can make repurchasing a lot easier by allowing customers to easily access to past orders and pre-filled shipping information. Secondly, customers’ accounts can be also seen as big commitment for new customers.

Due to this, there are lots of people, who choose check-out as a guest if given the option. Now, you will think how it is possible to effectively implement and encourage customer accounts by not disturbing conversions of first time customers. You can do is to provide an alternative to develop an account after the first order has been placed.

Make Sure to Send Regular Customer Newsletter Emails –
In order to maintain and build relationship with your current customers, your email list is a very tool. Time to time email has been proven as the best and top converting channel for eCommerce.

As compare to any other ways, emails are considered as best ways to convert higher than social and close to twice as high as organic search. A good email marketing campaign for your customers is the best as well as quick to implement and produce large gains.

Contact & Connect on Social Media & Remember to Post Regularly

As we all know that social media is the best to build strong relationships, so it is a great way to build and cultivate relationships with your customers. If any of your customer or people is liking or following your company, there must be a reason, so these people or customers can be your most loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

They are always in wait to hear something about new products, services and promotions, so it is essential for you to make use of social media channels often and ensure that you connect with these people.

You know that Facebook is showing your posts only to 5 to 10% of your total fans, so you need to make sure that you post frequently in order to be regular and reach all of your fans and customers. As per the experts, 1 to 2 times per day is a good, so you make sure to pay attention to your pages and reach out your audience.

Make Your Customers Happy & Content

It is also best for you to make your customers happy and content by sending them a small gift as it can remind them to come back while adding the elements of delight. You can give your customers an unexpected gift as it refers as responding to a positive action with another positive action.

Make sure to use this to your benefit, but you also need to send your best customers a small gift. You can send them something, which shows them that they are important to you.

So, these are some of the best tactics through which you can get your current customers to purchase more from your eCommerce site. However, if you are looking to get an assistant from eCommerce professionals, you can click here and discuss your any query.

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