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Developers Can Develop Multi-screen Applications With Google Reference App

Gradually, Google is expanding its environs to many screen sizes as the company recently introduced Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV. With different screen sizes on the Android platform, the company is urging all the developers to develop the best and high-end applications no matter what screen size.
Google has developed a new reference sample application that is well-known as the Universal Music Player that allows developers to do the same. Developers can make use of this as a reference point. From Android 5.0 Lollipop, the app collaborates a lot of features and show developers a suggested way to develop their applications for Auto, Wear and Google Cast devices.
When it comes to talking about the Universal Music Player, it is as bare-bones, but fully functional reference application, which supports multiple devices and form factors in a single codebase. The app is compatible with Android Wear, Android Auto and Google Cast devices. Developers should try out this application and easily adapt their own application for wherever their users are, whether it is watch, phone, car, TV or more.
Moreover, this application makes use of recently-added features such as MediaBrowserService, MediaStyle notifications, and MediaBrowserService that enable developers to easily implement browsing and playback on different devices while using one version of the app. Through the Wear and Auto platforms, this application shows developers how to add album artwork to the lock screen and control music playback.
You can head to the GitHub link below if you are a developer, who is interested in trying out the Universal Music Player. You can also check out the Google Developers Blog if you would like to get some more information on the topic.
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Publish on Mar 20 2015