Drawbacks to Avoid While Redesigning Your Website


We all know that redesigning is one of the most daunting tasks that need extra care and attention to handle. As per the lots of organizations, redesigning of the website found abused as there are lots of clients, who frequently spend thousands of dollars to redesign their website without applying any strategic thought.
You are leap to lose your hard earned dollars and consequently hurt your branding effects and potential source of earning revenue if you force into website design process for all the wrong reasons. It is very often that opting for redesigning solves the real problems that are faced by users.
For different departments, website redesign frequently becomes an arena; however, it becomes a very hotchpotch as lots of people are trying to implement various new strategies without thinking about costs.
All the companies and business owners, who have decided to opt for redesign project, should remember the project becomes successful at right time and with right reason. Keep in mind that you never embark on a website redesign project only to keep pace with your competitors. If you have decided to redesign your website, some common and important drawbacks that you should avoid:

Remember to shun key recognition elements:

It is always important for you that you do not opt for complete transformation as it can confuse your customers. You should identify the key elements of your business and make sure that you don’t remove the previous visual identities completely. You can update some elements, but ensure that they are still recognizable to the visitors.

Structured with beauty:

You may sound it tricky, but it is true that website redesign is not only the beauty, typography or flashy color. Redesigning of website is nothing, but having balance between content, usability and neat & clean look. By offering applicable content, you can connect with your targeted audience.
However, you should remember that going with jazzy and flashy design elements does not add value to your website, so you should go with simple yet effective. However, there are lots of site owners, who think that complex and difficult graphics can boost the performance of their site, but it can slow down their site’s performance.
Along with it, you need to remember that flashy websites are always taking more time on mobile phones and tablets, and today, most of the users are browsing your site from handheld devices.

Avoid Making Things Complicated:

While redesigning your website, it is important for you that you do not relocate your popular and well-known elements on the website as your customers may find it complicated to search. However, if you prefer to move some elements, you need to make sure that you do not move the elements so much as it will be complicated to locate them.
You always need to think from users’ perspectives as it can help you to make a right decision. For instance, if your customer is visiting your site and you have changed the elements of your site then your customer surely find it difficult to search and it may result in dissatisfaction.

It is not compulsory to get done your site as quickly as possible:

Many of you all may think that your website needs to be done as quickly as possible, but instead of it, you should give your time on researching your target audience, redesigning your site to meet users’ expectations and more.
You need to analyze the web traffic data and have to encourage users’ feedback. It is also better for you to set up online surveys, conduct usability, interviews, usability test and more. Such kind of information or data serves as golden information that will help you to make information decisions about site’s information architecture and design.
So, these are some of the key major drawbacks that you should avoid while redesigning your website. By redesigning your website avoiding these points, you can make your site exceptional and get lots of customers

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Publish on Dec 13 2013