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5 eCommerce Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

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As we all know that world of e-Commerce is expanding day-by-day as various new businessmen are there, who are looking to enter in this market to earn huge profit in short time period.
We can say that e-Commerce is one of the best ways to earn lots of money as businessmen can start wonderful business to sell their products and services worldwide. If you also want to enter in e-Commerce world, you can develop a successful online store that allows you to sell your range of products to your worldwide customers.
However, it is also true that developing an e-commerce site is not as easy as it sounds; it needs lots of efforts and expertise to develop a professional looking e-commerce site. When it comes to develop e-commerce website, there are lots of e-commerce developers, who are making some common e-commerce design mistakes that they need to avoid.
Here, I have mentioned 5 e-commerce design mistakes that every e-commerce website developer should avoid.

Flashy HomePages using Dark & Bright Colors:

Ecommerce WebsiteAcross the world, you would find many e-commerce websites that have flashy homepages that are developed using dark and bright colors. Every online businessman needs to understand that bright and dark colors are hard for customers’ eyes.

He/she needs to make sure that their site’s homepage have content using complementary and harmonizing colors so that their customers’ find it attractive and it compels them to purchase your products and services. All the online businessmen, who are looking to involve in e-commerce business, need to choose a color scheme that is harmonizing.

Slow & Time-taken Websites:

Release and Delivery

If you have such e-Commerce website that takes time to open and load, it is for sure that your customers will give up or go somewhere else to purchase products. It is most important for you that your e-Commerce site loads quickly so that it keeps your customers focus and interest.
In e-commerce websites, there are some common factors that slow down your site’s speed like large and big pictures and more. You need to opt for such e-commerce developer, who believes in smart design that loads time in mind.
We all know that social media is one of the great assets in developing a customer base, but social media plugins weigh down your site, so make sure you such type of plugins very carefully.
Confusing Navigation & Content Flow:


It is also one of the most common mistakes that made by e-commerce developers, so e-store owners need to make sure that their website has simple navigation that helps their customers to get their required information as well as products without any hassle.
Confusing navigation and content flow can irritate your customers and compel them to leave your website in just minute, so it is better that you should go with simple yet effective navigation and content flow that interest your customers.
Not Focusing on Products:


For you, it is extremely easy to put a product catalog that contains a range of products and information that require constant update. You need to put your products with careful written description and thoughtful that helps your customers to get complete information about your products.
Develop description in such way so that give answers of all the questions of any shopper. You need to spend your time on writing well description and keep language simple, clear and easy to understand for your customers.
Tacky & Bad Quality Pictures:


On the web, lots of online businessmen are using tacky and bad quality pictures on their e-commerce website that turnoff their potential customers and kill their sales. To save amount of bucks, they do not have to opt for cheap quality pictures that they can lose their potential customers.

All the e-commerce websites irrespective of type and size need to invest in excellent quality photos with a professional product photographer.

Above mentioned are top 5 e-commerce design mistakes that lots of e-commerce businessmen are making and losing their lots of business. To increase sales and profit of their business, they should avoid such mistakes by hiring an expert e-commerce website developer, who has hands-on experience in e-commerce industry.

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