Ecommerce Homepage Optimization to Double Your Website Sales – Infographic

The appropriate optimization of the eCommerce Home page store is a vital element for business success whether you’re a beginner in the digital world or achieved an intermediate level virtual selling nerve or attained experienced level enterpriser qualities.

One of the studies shows that 94% of user’s first impression depends on visual appeal and navigation and if it’s not up to the mark then the customer will leave the site in less than 15 seconds and if conversion rate turns out to be low then it’s really tough to run a business.

According to one more study, 80% of web users just skim the pages, instead of reading line by line, and engaging images will help them guide through the pages. It’s an important part of capturing the essence of your brand.

Attractive product images get shared on social media brings popularity to the brand and apart from this, it can attract more traffic from Google image search and even increase the ranking of these pages within Google as an optimized image tell Google what this page is all about.

Apart from this, An eCommerce store have to place the ‘Search button’ visible and highlight the product search functionality by means of better placement and aesthetics and ensures that search box doesn’t get lost with the other elements on the page.

One more important thing is to show keyword recommendations, as the user types his search query in the search box. This feature helps users to search the right keyword and makes it easier for them to find the desired product more quickly.

Along with these, we’re demonstarting 10 trending tips through infographic that are imperative to keep up conversion and can transform your eCommerce homepage a conversion magnet.

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by admin

Publish on Apr 18 2017