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Infographic – eCommerce Trends 2017 Predicted to Achieve New Record

With every upcoming year, eCommerce merchants face curt-throat competition to bring sales and increase profit. To make things simple for online businesses, we have predicted some important points related to eCommerce business that you should implement to reach your business on the top.

This year, it is expected that eCommerce sales will hit $279 which is much higher than sales of 2010. If you are looking at the Mobile Shopping, you will find that the mobile sales will grow about 25% in 2015 and will triple in 2018.

Moving towards social commerce, it is expected to increase up to $14 billion by 2015 while global business spends huge investment on e- retailers to expand their business. Like above mentioned data, many other data available in this infographics that expected to enjoy new and big record in the eCommerce market.


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Publish on Dec 19 2014