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Is Your eCommerce Website Mobile Friendly? Ready To Face Google Mobile Update

From the last month, we have known that there is a new Google algorithm update that is coming down the pipeline on the 111th day (April 21st), and it could huge impact on your online store’s mobile search rankings.
According to Google’s recent announcement on its Webmaster Central blog, it shows some of the details of its major algorithm update that is to be released on April 21st (Today).
As stated,

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

Google makes timely changes to the algorithm that it uses for determining search results rankings.
The company efforts to make sure that the search results are accurate and relevant that add value to the user’s search experience.
Google’s declared update comprises provisions for enhanced the mobile search experience. Moreover, mobile-friendly changes makes sure that the results can be accessed on a mobile device without any hassle.
The local options return based on information that gathered by the mobile device.
The all-new algorithm will surely have a huge impact on mobile users as the ranking system will discover that whether a mobile device used and returns results accordingly.
In short, we can say that all those people, who are making use of mobile device to search with Google, are capable of browsing results that are ranked by mobile device accessibility.
This is one such move towards a mobile-friendly search experience that will be considered for across the world.
From the change of the algorithm. The supposed result of mobile devices is that users are allowed to access the most accurate results that are specifically optimized for mobile use.

How Google’s algorithm changes will affect Online Stores?

Well, the change is not going to impact on the ranking for searches that performed on desktop-based browsers, but it will transmit the results returned for all the users on mobile devices.
It will be an excellent chance for all the professionals and businesses, who are already mobile-friendly or who are willing to move forward with following the new mobile-friendly standards.
For all those online retailers, who are using an open-source or older solution, transitioning the existing website to a Responsive design is quite challenging task, and the only solution to this is investing a lot of resources or changing to newer hosted platforms.

Mobile Friendly Test

To know that whether you are running a mobile-friendly online store or not, Google has offered an online tool, which can help them in finding out that whether their website meeting the special requirements or not.
You will definitely gain a lot of benefits from the changes to come by getting more genuine traffic, boosted ranking and more if your e-store passes the test. You can visit Google’s mobile-friendly test page in order to test your website online.

In Case, If Your Website Is Not Mobile-friendly:

When it comes to talking about the Google’s guidelines for mobile-friendly websites, they are pretty recent, and there are lots of websites that are not ready for the change.

Google’s Mobile Update

However, the good news is that the hosted platforms like 3dcart are all ready for the change to adopt and ease the transformation to a mobile-friendly online store.

eCommerce stores that are not mobile-friendly can take below mentioned actions:

Is your experienced web developer started to migrate your current design over to the HTML5 template system?
You should transform the current theme of your website to make use of the any new responsive HTML5 themes.
You are capable enough to change your current design to HTML5; however, you can also contact a professional so that you can discuss the details of a “Responsive Transfer”.
Let’s grab this chance to update the design of your website with any of our responsive design packages and get benefit from the change of algorithm.
To get more information about the Google update and changes, stay connected with us; we will come-up with more information as we get!

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