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eCommerce Website – Top 6 A/B Testing That You Should Perform 2016

a/b testing

In other words, we can say that A/B testing is a great way to measure two different versions of one element; therefore, you can easily determine that one is more successful – version A or version B. It will be easy for you to learn instantly about your visitors using A/B testing. May be you are capable of discovering certain visitor segments pulling everyone.

You might discover that certain visitor segments consistently perform better with specific content, or that new visitors and repeat visitors prefer different types of content. Let’s have a look at top 6 A/B tests if you want to get started on your eCommerce website:

Homepage Banner –

Through A/B test, you can test your main banner with mainly focusing on experience and call-to-action. However, calls-to-action is the biggest and important element of any banner ad that does wonders. There are lots of companies, who miss the important piece of real estate on their site. When it comes be changed with a call to action to sign up for your newsletter.

A/B Test 1-page Checkout vs. Existing Funnel –

You remember to keep in mind experiences that you have has in a retail outlet checkout live at the time of setting up your checkout process on your eCommerce website. Can you tell that what is the single most important thing that you have in your mind?

You can apply this same concept to your checkout process as well and can experience the big picture of optimizing the process for your customers. An extensive checkout process wants customers to finish the information around different pages.

Category Page Sidebar –

You are capable of running a test on the order in which your categories appear in the sidebar. Visitors do not care about the most visited pages on the website if they landed there for a particular purpose and they are in a rush.

Instead, customers in a touch for a last minute birthday present appreciate knowing what your top selling items are. You can see that what we have done there? You can also have an argument for both and which is exactly what you require to run an A/B testing to compare that wording is converting more visitors into customers.

A/B Test Recommendations –

You know that it is always important for you to test, test and test. An eCommerce and marketing business is ever changing and developing, so do you? Most of the success of your website depends hugely on the type of business you are in.

You are allowed to set-up an A/B testing so that you can determine if recently viewed items and recommended items motivate your customers to act. You won’t believe until you experience these factors.

A/B Test Your Checkout Upsells –

You can test with and without an upsell on your eCommerce website. When it comes to talking about the upsell, it refers to a sales strategy, where the seller offers various opportunities that are connected to products and services. The main aim of it is to make bigger sales. The popular and main example of upselling is when you stop at your favorite fast food chain and order for your favorite food and when they are asking you for any sides like coke or anything.

You can also do this in your eCommerce business and it is extremely effective. For example – if you have a health and beauty centric website and your customers purchased anti-frizz cream, at the time of check-out process, you could upsell them a discount on a flat iron.

Product Page CTAs –

You should remember to test your product page calls to action. CTA buttons have a particular goal to get your visitors to click and convert. You know that particular calls to action buttons are leaned to work the best and oppose the urge to be wordy. You can also begin with simple running a test on Buy Now vs Order Now. Learn More is also another call to action that works by getting the customer to a page, which outlines all the reasons why they require your product or service.

A/B Testing Conclusion

So, these are the top 6 A/B testing that you should perform for your eCommerce website to make it a right destination for your customers. If you are facing any difficulty while performing any of these tests, you can hire an eCommerce developer from any trusted eCommerce development company.

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