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Be Expert Conversion Optimizers- 5 Killer Points to Dramatically Increase Your Conversion Rate

So now you’ve launched a new ecommerce site and started promotion of your site to increase conversion ratio. You have mailed your products to email subscribers, tweeted every new product, promote your store…but still facing problem with conversion ratio that resulted to sales far fewer than you thought.
Everything is doing well; the thing is you fail to impress your visitors. It is not because your website doesn’t have super powers, it is because you are not using magic voodoo tricks to increase conversion ratio. So, here we come with some 5 killers points that you have to implement in your ecommerce site for enhancing conversion rate.

Solve the “Abandoned Cart” Gap Problem

Some facts say that more than 50% of people, who start their shopping won’t finish. According to calculation done across 22 different studies, 67.5 percent is the average abandonment rate for a shopping cart due to many reasons, including 55% of people leaving shopping due to excessive shipping costs, 57% of people not being ready to purchase, 56% savings their products for future purchase while 51% of people abandoned cart because of paid shipping charges.
Time factor is also considered while shopping from an ecommerce site. There are many sites that deliver products after 8 days while more than 25% abandoned is done when no shipping time was displayed.


If you want to bring people back to complete their purchase task, following given are effective strategy.
(1) Sometimes, ads play an important role to catch customer’s attention. If you are not finding enough sales from your website, it is advisable to remarket your potential customers with text and display ads offering discounts. Studies show that 600% increase in conversions is seen by using this strategy for ecommerce site.
offering discounts
(2) Another ways to increase conversion rate is through email marketing. Using e-mail remarketing, merchant can easily custom-tailored to the products and on-site behavior of the individual. Merchants have to make a three-prong approach:

  • Mail your customer immediately after abandonment that reminds customer’s about their purchase products and offers further information about products.
  • Another mail can be sent after 24 hours that shows how the customer could connect with customer service reps
  • After one week, you have to send another mail that shows ‘free shipping offer’.

Following this process shows 22% increase in purchase.
(3) Free Shipping Facility
Shipping cost plays an important role and it is also considered as big deal for consumers as it takes huge time and cost as well. Studies show that free shipping enhances conversion ratios about 55% so it is worth providing free shipping facility on every product. If you are offering free shipping facility, it is advisable to advertise it front-and-centre throughout your site. See banner for more understanding.
free shipping facility
Moreover, if you are charging shipping cost, make sure to display on Check out page. If you are hiding then customers will surely Abandoned Cart by looking at surprising amount.
Check out page

Upselling Your Products

Many a time, we have seen that certain stores are offering something exceptional with our purchase product. We have heard quote from furniture sellers, “Do you want extra chairs with your dining tables?” It is one of the excellent ways to upsell your products. Offering two-three products to customers at discounted rates will enhance your conversion ratio.
Other than this, one effective strategy to upsell your products is through offering through featured products with particular amount of discount.
featured products
“Free shipping on purchase above $50”
As seen in the picture displays something like that to convince your customers to purchase more products. It is advisable to show pertinent purchases along with prices that would bring the buyer within the total.
small discount on purchase
Another way to increase conversion rate is through offering some percent of discount when shopper buys more than two products. Giving small discount on purchase enhance your sales and revenue as well.
As mentioned in Neil Patel’s post, one of the best ways to recover upsell is by offering same but costlier products again along with attached plan. It is seen that upselling works remarkable when it is personalized with user’s personal interest and taste.

Clear and Big Pictures Tell Big Things about Products

Having a clear picture is must for your ecommerce store as it tells a better story about products you are offering. Whether you are selling furniture, clothing or footwear, it is essential to have a clear imagery. According to econsultancy, it is found that increase in image size will enhance conversion ratio. In below picture, online merchant uses zoomed image for enlarging photos with multiple angles to view from.
Images are powerful. In below example merchant shows that an attractive chocolate image is seen. As many customers are purchase with their eyes, it is must to display food products with a powerful zooming facility. There are many customers want to see single images with multiple angles. Facts show that it increases about 27% of conversion ratio, if we are adding 360 degree image functionality.
Effective images describe everything that products want to say. There are many images can show it in action. Below given images shows context surrounding their jewelry for creating context around fashion, and style. Through below image we can find how one product is seen in different colors or with differing options. Through images, we can compare faster than reading words.
Color option

Contrast Is Must Besides Color

Changing the color of button resulted in a 1,000% higher conversion rates. As science behind color is convincing, it is advisable to select button colors wisely. Customers want to see accurate and essential information, so it is must to use contrast colors to draw their attentions. See picture for more information.

Ask Essential Personal Details

Customers care about their privacy, so it is advisable to your to avoid asking too much information about themselves. According to the studies, it shows that about 61% of businesses ask unnecessary information while check out process. It is advisable to remove unnecessary field or optional field from your check out page.
Many customers are not interested to waste their time to registration before making payment. According to report, approximate 30% of shoppers abandoned their carts when your website only has registration option.


The solution to avoid abandonment is to create a “Guest Check out” option where shoppers only have to enter their email address and other essential information to purchase your products.

Still have Some Tips

In this post, we have covered some proven tips that help you to increase your conversion ratio and bring more sales at your door steps. There are many things like content, beautiful landing page, website design and so on consider increasing ratio.
It is recommended to test everything in your ecommerce website to know which strategy works for your site. If you have some proven tips and want to share with us, we would like to hear through our comment section.

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