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The Value of Focus For Your eCommerce Business & 3 Major Elements of It

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Usually, it happens a lot of times that various entrepreneurs become distributed and distracted in both strategy as well as execution when developing a new online business.
At the same time, entrepreneurs are also trying to move in different directions. With the lack of focus, a lack of actual movement cause for the business in any one particular direction and can finally lead to failure. You know that focus plays a very crucial role in your eCommerce business.
If you are not aware of the importance of focus, you can go through this blog and find why focus is important for your online business. Along with it, you can also learn about three very critical elements of your business that you definitely must focus in:

Why Focus Plays Important Role?

You have been heard many times that focus is an extremely important, but if you are looking forward to starting an online business, entrepreneurs should forget about the focus. With the lack of focus, the problem of confused and distributed occur.
Dedicating time, money, energy to different marketing channels as well as strategies leads to none of them being executed. When it comes to daily level, a lack of focus leads to wasted time. Together all these lead to lack of progress and irritation for the business and lastly failure.

The Case for a Singular Focus

A founder of Luxy Hair ‘Alex Ikonn’ said, “A singular focus is the most important thing in business.” From starting, Alex and his partner Mimi executed an extreme amount of focus. In the year 2010, when they launched their hair extension business, first they made a knowing decision to carry a narrow product range.
Rather than focusing on different weights, lengths and colors, they focused on different products range which would pleasure the majority of the market. They also read all the marketing advice there that has been told them they require to promote with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads among different channels.
However, they also recognized one channel where they felt their efforts would make the most impact. Focusing exclusively on YouTube as the marketing channel, Mimi and Alex built Luxy Hair’s YouTube channel to 2.2+ million followers. In short, focused strategy has its own benefits. Now, let’s have a look on its 3 critical elements:

Three Important Elements of Focus

Mainly, there are three important areas to consider if you wanted to achieve the extreme focus for your business. For attaining overall strategy, the whole strategy for your business, initiatives and campaigns and ultimately daily activities and tasks related with executing those campaigns and initiatives.
However, these three areas are connected, and each area needs focus. Have a look on the important elements of every single area that you should consider:

Overall Strategy

When it comes to talking about the overall strategy, it is the big picture, and the final direction and purpose of the business. However, it is something that which will not change unless you are making a big market shift and pivoting. There are two important elements that require to be considered in particular within the overall strategy:

Give Focus on Your Unique Value Proposition

Consumer has lots of other online destinations they could choose rather than you. So, why they will purchase from you? This is the question that you need to answer as you can begin formulating your unique selling proposition.

Focus on Product/Market fit

On the Shopify blog, recently we discussed product/market fit, but your product/market fit might be just the most essential element to focus on. On this early stage of your business, focusing means the difference between success and failure.

Campaigns & Openings

Campaigns as well as initiatives support your overall strategy and goal. Here, lack of focus will lead to waste a lot of time and money in scattered marketing channels and campaigns.

Focus on one marketing channel

Never giving each marketing channel a fair shot by not dedicating enough time, money and energy is the biggest fault of being unfocused in your marketing.
No matter whether it is a search engine optimization, search engine marketing or Facebook Ads, they all will need a sturdy effort to show results and money. Before you move into the next channel, you ensure that to provide each one a fair shake by devoting enough time, money and efforts.

Focus on one metric of measurement

How you will measure your business? Multiple measurements can lead you in different directions and leave you scattered. You can choose one metric to focus on as this metric can change over time, but when it comes to focusing on a single metric, it offers you a definitive and relentless goal on which you can work towards.

A List of Tools That Help You Focus

Attempting focus for your online business strategy is not child’s play, so here we have listed some of the tools that can help you to find and regain focus:
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Rescue Time

When it comes to focusing on daily activities in order to develop your online business, a lot of threats are there to your focus. Forums, social networks and news websites are just some of the many distractions, which keep you from focusing.
Rescue time is an application, which runs in the background and offers you a breakdown of your day and week along with the activities that you have performed online in order to help you comprehend where the time is being wasted.

Noisy & Music Environment

Both noisy and music has proven efforts on the brain. It can help you stay focused episodically in a distracting environment.
Below are some of the best sound websites and apps to boost your focus and creativity:

Last Thoughts

In short, Focus is highly important for your overall strategy, campaigns and other day-to-day tactics. You can lead your business to risk without having a focus on it, so ensure that you have a clear focus on it.

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