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Get Rid of Slow WordPress Website Once and For All

Frustrated By Slow Web Page

Now, get rid of losing your subscribers and customers by adopting seven effective ways of enhancing your WP site speed. WordPress is one of the excellent platforms to set up website and blog. It has a collection of amazing features that makes its crazy-powerful platform.
But many a time, WordPress suffers from slow loading-speed, resulting into decrease in number of visitors. Go through this post and find out effective ways to enhance WP’s site speed.

Insert Scripts at The Bottom

All WP site owners are thinking to deliver content to their visitors as fast as possible. For that, you should allowed unstyled content to display in your browser. It would be great to add CSS in the <head>. Additionally, you should load files for interaction like certain external API calls, tabbed widgets, etc. at the bottom.

Make Use of Content Delivery Networks

Using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) helps to cache your JavaScript, images and CSS closers to users for improving page loading time. One of the best things about CDN is it takes all your static files and allows fast download by serving them on servers. There are many hosting providers integrating number of CDN providers and plug-ins like W3 Total Cache to integrate with a CDN.

Optimize Your Homepage

One of the important parts of your website is its homepage loads quickly as most of the people will be landing at that page. To optimize your homepage, you can

  • Minimize number of post in page
  • Remove unnecessary sharing widgets
  • Show excerpts
  • Remove inactive plugins and widgets


Caching is one of the effective things that help your website to improve and perform well than your competitors. But, enabling caching is scary if you don’t have any about technical aspects. Different tools for caching are available like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache that helps to cache your website excellently.


Many people think that hosting is funniest factors for running website. It is noted that choosing wrong hosting company harms to your website’s performance. It doesn’t mean you have to search out dedicated server for hosting. It just means you have to make strong research before hiring hosting company within your budget.


<link> instead @import
At the time of including your stylesheets, it is must to link your file rather than using the @import reference. Talking about IE, it treats it differently than other browsers by loading them as if the reference was at the bottom of the document. [sarcasm] Nice work, Microsoft! [/sarcasm]

Image Compression

If you are working with desktop image editing software, it results into image files that consist of digital craft. It is must to minimize those files without sacrificing image quality to enhance speed and deliver better surfing experience.
There are awesome plug-ins which helps to compress image files and upload them through easily and painless process. For maximum savings, it is must to compress your logo advertisements and other images that you have in your site.
These are seven important tips for enhance your WP site speed and deliver remarkable surfing experience to your visitors.For more information, click here.

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Publish on Feb 20 2014