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Good & Bad Things That Shouldn’t Be Ignored While Hiring Developers

good and bad

In this highly competitive world, hiring a good and professional developer is quite difficult as you may have to consider lots of things while hiring him. Really, you consider lots of things while hiring a developer or you just spent little time in researching and hire him/her as your developer.
Many times, it happens with businesses that they look for wrong skills, hire wrong people and allow them to screw their company. However, you can hire different people without changing anything about the candidate pool and surely, your company will perform exceptionally as you will have more fun in your job.
There are lots of good things as well as bad things that should not be ignored while hiring a developer for your project. Before you end-up hiring a wrong developer for your project, you should consider below mentioned (good and bad) things that you should not ignore at any cost.
Wrong Things That Should Be Avoided:

Don’t Hire For His/her Degree

Many of you all may hire a developer because of his/her degree from particular academic qualifications. If any developer is from any good college or just from college it doesn’t mean that he/she has an ability to become an engineer.
Well, it is good that he/she has got a good degree from any reputed academy, but it is an unreliable predictor like academics prove theories, engineers write code, write proofs of concept and more.

Do Not Opt for a Developer For Their Present Skills

One of the most common mistakes that you can make is over value his/her present skills and forget about the future growth. You should make sure that you do not hire developer for what they already well-known in the market.
Professional developers are such persons, who do exactly thing that you want them to do, so make sure that you do not judge any developer for his present skills. Moreover, you should also stop determining whether people have these skills or not.
Rather than asking lots of questions in interview, you can simply take their fizzbuzz test that asks “are you aware of the modulo operation? If the answer is no, the candidate is weak; however, it offers exactly 1 bit of data.

Make Sure You Do Not Hire Family & Friend

Hiring a friend and any relative is not a good idea as you should make sure that you avoid hiring such family and friends in your company. By hiring them in your company, one can create bias and understood power structures, loyalty that is quite odds, webs of obligation and so on.
Either you have to made compromise with your friendship or with your company, so it is best for you that you do not opt for any of your family, relative and friend.

Do Not Hire For Their Previous Employers

It is also important for you to consider that you do not hire developer because of its earlier top company or employer. You know that in big companies, differences in the teams are huge. If the developer working in any successful company, it doesn’t mean that he is right developer for your company as well.
Make sure you follow strict hiring process so that you end-up hiring a right candidate for your company and your company will go the right path. Consider what’s in front of you instead of where he was previously working.
So, these were some worst things that you should avoid when you are looking for a developer for the project. Now, let’s talk about some good things that you should consider at the time of hiring a professional for your company. Considering these good things can help you to hire a right person for your company, so let’s have a look:

Is He Able to Handle the Work?

While looking for the developer, you should ask this question to yourself that whether he is able to handle the work or not. You need to be confident on his skills like whether he has capability to learn how to do the job or not.

Whether he has relevant experience or not?

Many of you all may ask questions regarding Syntax and API to know whether he has relevant experience or not, but both are not the good ways of doing so. Rather than discussing those things, you should talk about the technology that he will work with. You should try to know that how much he knows about it.

Is He Smart Enough to Work?

It is true that judging smartness is not as easy as it sounds, but if you are looking to judge the smartness of the developer you are hiring, so you should be careful while judging. Along with the smartness of the developer, gets things done is also important, so you can hire developer very carefully.
So, these were the good things that you should not ignored while hiring a developer for your project.
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