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Google’s Nexus 6 – A List of Features That Makes Buyers Go Crazy

Google Nexus 6 A new Mobile
Last month, Google announced its most awaited smart-phone Nexus 6 along with a Nexus 9 tablet, the Nexus Player and the fully new designed Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. The all-new Google Nexus 6 comes with a comprehensive range of features that make buyers go crazy.
The company especially designed the Nexus 6, giving a quite similar look with Moto X 2014 update, but the features of Nexus 6 are completely marvelous that will be surely enjoyed by the buyers. The release date of this device is still not known as T-mobile has delayed its release from 12th to the 19th while AT&T orders will start shipping next week, but Verizon and US Cellular still not confirmed the news.
If you still don’t get complete information on Google Nexus 6 and its features, below, you can find a list of features that makes buyers go crazy for it.

So, let’s have a look on Nexus 6 features

Super Sleek Display –
The most amazing part of the device is the new super sleek display and front facing speakers. Quite similar with the Active display or now it is known as Moto Display from Moto X. On the display of the device, you will the quick pulsing black and white notifications without even unlocking your device. Whenever you get a new notification, it lights up for a moment and then turns off the light in order to save the battery life. It is one of the best features and works exceptionally.
Well, the device will not turn on the lights with a wave over the screen such as the Moto X, but the screen very slowly illuminates and shows you the notifications. With one single touch, you will get ready to interact with them from the lockscreen. Don’t you think that it is quite amazing? Well, it works very great practically, and you will surely love it while using.
Excellent Battery Life –
The all new Google Nexus 6 has an amazing battery life as compare to any Nexus smartpone that you may have used. Lots of people’s review stated that always-on display with web-browsing may worse battery life, but the thing is that it has a big display. By using a phone for the whole day no matter how the busy or taxing day it was, but the battery last less than 10 hours, so it is enough for people to get through any bumpy day.
Screen Size & Resolution –
The display of Nexus 6 is bright, stunning and crisp, giving users the most beautiful experience that they ever get on any other smart-phone. The colors of the device are completely marvelous and viewing angles are also excellent. The screen-size is 5.96-inch giving a resolution of 2560×1440 and Quad-HD display gives wonderful looks compare to LG G3.
Front Speakers –
The front speakers of the device are completely best and give an excellent look. As compare to the HTC One M8 and Moto X, Nexus 6 looks better as they are clear, loud and crisp. You will surely love the sound of it as you can play your favorite songs and enjoy a lot.
Design –
The design of this all-new Google Nexus 6 is wonderful and users will feel better by getting it in their hands because of its size. Borrowed the design from the Moto X, it offers a sturdy BendGate-free aluminum metal frame and lightly curved back.
The device’s curve feels natural and the plastic back of the phone is extremely smooth. However, you will not find Moto Maker customizations for wood or leather backs here. With limited colors either Cloud White or Midnight Blue, Nexus 6 gives a benefit of being compatible with Qi wireless charger.
Specs –
Google Nexus 6 is a 2.7Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, which has an Adreno 420 GPU. For Google’s the biggest android phone yet, it is a top-most line chip. Its’ backing up is 33GB of RAM and an affordable 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. As compare to its earlier models, Nexus 6 is different and carries amazing specs that will amaze you.
So, these are the top features of Google’s Nexus 6 that make buyers’ go crazy. Moreover, there are lots of other outstanding features as well, but these are the major features.
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