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How to Get Professional Developers for Your Web Startup?

Web Startup
Most of the non-technical tech entrepreneurs are asking question to their friends about hiring a perfect resource for their web startup. Sometimes, we get idea but sometime, we end up with some confusion.
We know that when we launch the web startup for first time, then one of the most essential questions you have to discuss before you start as it can be decides:

  • Web development quality
  • The cost of maintenance and rebuild cost
  • Success or failure
  • The quality of your product and money that you have to raise
  • The number of equity you give up

Below we have provided some personal experience of novice tech entrepreneurs when he is building a web business for the first time, finding talent and estimating its costs.
The first question arise in his mind is should he hire an independent contractor a web development company or a full-time programmer?

Independent contractors

Independent contractors are usually freelancers.


The relationship and schedules with independent contractors are flexible than with the full-time employees as they allow you to start and stop your web development project according to your hourly schedules.
Additionally, you wouldn’t get locked into long term contracts and don’t have to pay monthly salary to your hired employees. Here, salary is fixed according to hourly, weekly or monthly basis.
The best thing is contractor charges low cost and you don’t have to worry about employment liabilities with contractors


One of the biggest problems with independent contractors are they want to get compensated for their time rather than for their outcome. That simply means they are taking more incentives by taking more time to do their job. They are also doing minimum amount of work to earn their salary.

Web development companies

Web development companies have teams of developers, designers, & coders. You can hire dedicated developers or can give your project on contract.


Whether you are hiring web development companies or individual contractors, you will get same advantages. The main advantage of hiring web Development Company is they have expert and experienced web developers, who have already completed several project according to industry best practices.
Additionally, web development companies provide regular reporting of your work and also have a dedicated person who looks out your whole project.


There is no doubt web development service providers charge more amount and seems to be bit expensive than other options. But, keep in mind that you are paying a premium for all the above given advantages.
Hiring a reputable development firm charges you about $10-$20K per month while a good development company charges >$20K / month.

Full-time employees

Full-time employees are dedicated professional, working on long-term basis than contractors.


Hiring programmer as a full-time employee delivers advantage of alignment of interests. Full-time employees can devoted for your company, for both the time and work as they are sharing failure and success of your company.


One of the most difficult tasks is to hire a full-time programmer among these three options as it needed to recognize and then, sell the candidate on the job. No doubt, in the beginning of startup, every single person is important for you and choosing wrong people can make your project worst.
If you are paying payment then a full-time programmer will lockdown for long term in terms of compensation. Moreover, business owners have to consider all the legal implications like unemployment insurance benefits, worker’s compensation, tax liabilities, and so on with full-time employees

Which Programming Language Suits You Best?

It is one of the commonest questions that you will face when you begin interviewing people as they have expertise in many programming languages. I know as a novice person, you don’t know what language suits to your project. But, the best idea is to…

Consider Flexibility

You can also go with the language that is popular and most used by large group of developers and business. If you are using popular programming language, you can easily find appropriate developers, who complete your project successfully and with low cost. PHP and Ruby on Rails are best to choose.

Consider Competency

You should consider developing website in the language that the proficient developer wishes to use.

Where Should You Start Your Search?

  • Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter are best to find developers.
  • Recruitment agency: Usually costly but have good options.
  • Universities: Visit universities, contact deans for job vacancies.
  • Web Development Company: Indian web development companies are usually cheap and best to hire
  • It is one of the best sources and has cheap listing fees.
  • / Tech being an expensive listing fee, this place s great exposure for your listing
  • most popular destination to find “cheap” overseas talent, free to list
  • It is cheap listing with highly focused on tech community
  • Here, you find talent group of developers.

Hope, these ideas provides you enough knowledge about how to choose professional developers for your project. If you have such type of ideas then share with us through comment section. For more information, click here.

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