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What are the Main Reasons to Convert Your HTML Site into WordPress?

Html to WordPress

Many of you all may have a plain looking website that made by you or by your friend, but you always wanted to update the contents or do some improvement, so you would need to edit every single html code.

What do you think – Is it right time to scrap that fixed website of yours and alternative to a great platform, which will help you to solve numerous problems and it will be also helpful for you and your viewers updated?

However, if you still wanted to get fixed with your static website, there are various reasons that will help you to decide to convert HTML site into WordPress.

Let’s have a look at the main reasons why you should convert your HTML site into WordPress, but before we go into detail, we can have a brief background:

“WordPress is a blog tool, a publishing platform, and a unique and dynamic content management system, which you can use to develop a high-end website or blog.

It is the most powerful open-source web software that is obtainable for free of cost.


WordPress is widely used CMS along with Joomla and Drupal. Recently, it came to know that WordPress continue to grow with 53.8% of the market share leaving Joomla with 9.2% and Drupal with 6.7% base on popularity and 16% versus 2.7% of Joomla and 2.0% of Drupal base on usage.

Through this, it proves that numerous websites are deployed and powered by WordPress that gives more reasons to convert static contents to a CMS website.”

Major Reasons to Consider

Today, WordPress is the most popular open source and free of charge CMS on which users do not have to spend their extra cash whenever they decide to convert their website into WordPress as it is free.

In any case, if you need to do some changes to its core or a particular portion of it just to fit with your needs, you are allowed to do as it is open source and there is no need to pay for any rights and copyrights to change some things.

WordPress Supports Multi-users

One of the best features of WordPress is that you can allocate various types of authorized users to manage your website, and every single type has its different function and user-levels.

Therefore, you should make your work a lot easier as you may need to allocate trusted person to work as website administrator, contributor, editor and author and you can allow your viewers to sign-up as a subscriber to your site.

WordPress is a Flexible & Fully Customizable

However, if you do not feel the default template of WordPress, you can look out for other templates to make it custom fit to your website or business. It is also possible to develop your own template base from an existing one.

Today, Internet is full of WordPress templates, so if you can’t afford to develop your own, you can check-out for others, which are obtainable and do your changes.

WordPress is a Lot Easy to Learn & Manage

You know that you do not need any expertise in programming and database knowledge in order to make and keep WordPress running, all you require is the basics to install the web application.

If you have information on how to upload files and develop an empty database, which must be enough because all coding and installation is done for you when you install WordPress in your web server.

Once you installed them, the buttons and labels will speak for themselves and there is no need of a teacher if you want to learn it because it is easy to learn managing your contents by your own.

Using WordPress, you can easily update your contents and different options and manually update files one-by-one.

The Code of WordPress is Clean

If you are a professional web developer, who just wants to understand PHP, WordPress will be the least of your problems if you wanted to talk about web programming.

When it comes to WordPress code, it is extremely clean and easily be comprehend and is properly commented.

Everything is recognized properly that make it simpler to do updates and improvement without confusing the people, who are making use of the platform.

WordPress Known for Opening Users/Viewer Interaction

The viewers are allowed to participate and unite with their campaigns and events or they can simply open-up a conversation to the world-wide-web through the comments sections that enable everyone to post reaction, comments, suggestions and reply with one another.

WordPress has Numerous Plugins

Through this, you can easily add improvement and security to your website. Rather than you develop your own, it is advisable to look-up to the official WordPress plugin directory to make your work a lot faster.

WordPress enables you to add more and numerous features that default software doesn’t offer.

In addition to this, plugins will also improve viewer experience as there are lots of plugins obtainable that are mainly designed to suit not only with your requirements, but also to the viewers.

WordPress is a Fully Secure

As compare to other CMSs, WordPress is a completely secure platform and it can be secured to a various level through the use of plugins and directory permission.

You are also allowed to set some post to need password if you wanted to keep it for authorized only.

WordPress Integrates With Social Networks

The recent version enables people to connect and interact with main social networks like Facebook, Digg, Flickr, Tweeter, Digg and many more to boost your popularity and make everyone, who are a member of the social network.

So, these are the main and important reasons why you should convert your HTML website into WordPress.

Still waiting and keeping your plain and static website with you? Just convert now your website to the most advanced CMS.

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