Important Lessons For HTML5 Mobile App Development

Important Lession
We all know that developing mobile applications involve various new challenges, as it is quite daunting task.
Apart from learning a lot of new programming languages like Java for Android, Objective C for iPhone, there is one common problem among all the new application developers, which is, development environment of all those languages is quite difficult and confusing.
The only solution to this approach is developing mobile apps with HTML5 that enables professional developers to build mobile applications of multiple categories. When it comes to developing an app using HTML5, I used the Sencha Touch framework and PhoneGap Build to develop my mobile app.
I have experimented with some of the different frameworks as well, including Phaser, and more. In the year 2012, HTML5 mobile frameworks were powerful and enabled developing high-end mobile apps without any hassle. All those frameworks are getting better day-by-day.
While developing a mobile application with HTML5, I had faced a lot of problems and barriers as HTML5 was my first effort in mobile app development. However, there are various other twists and turns for HTML5 mobile developers as compared to native developers.
If you are from a web development background, it becomes quite easy for you to learn HTML5 mobile framework than choosing a native language like Objective C; however, it is also essential to learn to deal with the problems that make use of HTML5, like:

  • Managing the DOM (a distended DOM can lead to poor performance )
  • Accessing Native APIs (use PhoneGap or PhoneGap Build)
  • Developing App store ready builds (again use PhoneGap or PhoneGap Build)
  • Giving the UI a native feel
  • Signing Apps (You can use OpenSSL, if you don’t have a Mac)

These above mentioned things are extremely simple to overcome once you know how to do it and have a little practice. Here, you can find top lessons that you need know, if you are getting started with HTML5 mobile app development.
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It is Possible To Develop iOS applications without a Mac

Many people have this common thought that they require a Mac to develop iOS applications, even if you are making use of HTML5.
Well, it is not true. However, it is not your mistake as there are lots of tools that can instruct you with what you require for the iOS SDK which is only available on Macs to develop for iOS. Let’s have a look at what happens while trying to add iOS as a platform from a windows computer.
A lot of people jump to conclusions that they need a Mac if they want to develop iOS apps. However, it is quite true, if you are looking for developing an app on your machine, you need a Mac, but there are other ways too, they are:
Make use of the PhoneGap Build cloud service in order to develop the application and use OpenSSL to develop a personal information file that is important for signing your app. You can also create iOS apps on a Windows machine.

You Should Use a HTML5 Framework, As well As Choose a Good One

It is an important point for you to consider – you should use a powerful and good HTML5 mobile framework, if you want your application to be as near and good as a native one.
Make sure that you never try to develop a mobile app without making use of UI framework like Sencha Touch or Ionic except in very particular circumstances. To handle the toughest challenges of developing native such as behavior with JavaScript, HTML5 mobile frameworks have been engineered.
When it comes to this, it comprises different things like screen transitions, deceleration, viewport, scrolling lists with acceleration and more. Now, frameworks also have boosted the performance by doing different things like recycling DOM elements.
It will require a large effort in order to create something that performs as good as native apps without making use any of these frameworks. Even still, you can find some of the frameworks that are not as good as others.
But when it comes to talking about rich-performance frameworks, Sencha Touch and Ionic both are doing good as well as having well performing frameworks. Apart from this, there are various other frameworks as well that you may not have heard about.
It is beneficial for you that there are lots of options available, that bring competition among all the frameworks, while providing excellent experience.
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As a professional technologist, You might be familiar with all the latest developments while learning new skills constantly. Therefore, native developers do not have to bothered about such things, as the language the device is using never changes.

HTML5 is Capable Enough of Handling Everything That Native Can Do

In the technical sense, HTML5 can do all the things that browser can do. As compared to everything a native application can do which is not a lot.
With PhoneGap that really doesn’t matter, as the browser can interact with PhoneGap and PhoneGap with the device; therefore a browser has access to everything that a native app does.
However, the process might be a little more involved, but it is certainly possible since the PhoneGap plugins are available for everything that you will ever require to do, as well as it is easy to implement native functionality.

DOM is considered as biggest deciding factor for performance

The performance of JavaScript is getting better day-by-day. As Apple’s new WKWebView with the NitroJS engine touts a leading 400% augment; However, that doesn’t mean HTML5 mobile apps will perform 4x better.
DOM operations are considered as the biggest limiters of performance for HTML5 mobile apps. If you are not aware with DOM, then you should know that it is the Document Object Model that is importantly a tree of nodes, which represent the structure of a web page.
As the DOM becomes complex, the tree structure of the DOM becomes more complex and takes longer to navigate and change. The framework that you choose often have different ways of decreasing impact of controlling the DOM; however, it is still something that you require to pay attention to.
It is important for you to keep it in mind while you are developing HTML5 mobile apps. Ensure that you look up strategies for keeping DOM simple.
So, above mentioned lessons are must to consider while developing HTML5 mobile application as it will be helpful to you to end-up developing a right application for your business.
However, if you are getting difficulty in developing mobile apps with HTML5, you can hire our professional HTML5 mobile application developer, who will comprehend your requirements and deliver rich application.

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