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What Are The Best IT Jobs Paying Highest Packages?

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Recently, a renowned Software Company India researched about hiring sector. The annual developer survey that got more than 50,000 replies from 173 countries glanced through industry segments ranging from web services and software development to more conventional sectors, including defense, manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive.

If you want a six figure salary in the tech world, we got some top highest paying job titles in the technology industry across the world. Let’s take a look-

1. Executive VP (tech), CIO or CTO

Executive VP (Vice President), CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) are top job titles in the tech industry. Men or women holding these job titles earn $150,314 annually on an average.

Executive Vice President is responsible for assisting a company to achieve financial goals and objectives and make developers more productive. They prepare a budget, create plans for businesses and solves internal issues as they arise.

CIO or Chief Information Officer is an executive job title given to the person in the company in charge of IT strategy and computer systems. These things are required to support the company’s unique objectives and goals.

CTO or Chief Technology Office oversees all technical aspects and technological resources of a company to help a company to grow.

2. Engineering Manager

Engineering managers who handle the teams of programmers and developers earn $143,122 annually. Engineering managers are trained and experienced in handling teams.

He confers with management production, and marketing staff to discuss project procedures and specifications. Engineering manager also coordinates and directs projects. He prepares detailed plans to achieve goals of the company.

3. Enterprise level services developer

Enterprise level service developer is the person who develops the software solution for giants. The salary of enterprise level services developer is higher than normal developers. If you can build software specifically for big companies, the average annual salary you will get is $121,908.

Enterprise level applications are different from normal mobile applications. The coding is more complex and difficult and developers who own proper skill set and experience for building enterprise level apps are limited in numbers.

4. Mobile developer, iOS

Android is a popular operating system; the world knows that. However, developers working on iOS platform are more in demand. On an average, an iOS developer gets $115,460 annual salary. They develop working apps in iOS for Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

5. Data scientist

A Data scientist is a new ‘trending’ thing in Technology sector. The person who is data scientist creates various machine learning-based tools and processes for the company and clients.

The person doing the job of data scientist should be also able to perform statistical analysis. An average salary of these big data crunchers is $115,244.

6. Developer with mathematics or statistics background

If you are a developer with mathematics or statistics background, you have a strong chance to get a job in an IT or Software company. Pay scale for such job position is $111,656 annually on an average.

7. Computer Systems analysts

A computer system analyst helps a company in evaluating and enhancing their computer systems. They get $82,710 annually on an average.

8. DevOps

DevOps term is a combination of words Developer and Operations. The general focus of DevOps is on helping to build and maintaining next-gen apps on innovative cloud computing platforms. The demand for DevOps has been shooting up in last few years. A DevOp pro can earn $109,640 annually.

9. Web developer

Web developers’ job is to build websites. They work with website software applications in the company. The web development job includes meeting with clients and asking about their demands and expectations for designing a web app for them.

An experienced web developer working in the reputed company can earn $64,970 annually.

10. Computer Programmer

A Computer programmer writes the code to run software programs. The job of the programmer includes the refining of the ideas and solving the problems that arise while converting the program into code.

A programmer is able to rewrite, debug, maintain and test and retest programs and software that give a task to computers, like storing or retrieving data.

Today, a computer programmer is earning $80745 annually on an average.

These are some great job titles in IT providing highest paying packages. If you think you can apply for any of these titles, go ahead. You can read about these job titles more online. Open your browser and type the job title name you want to research and enter. It is super easy and you will get to know about responsibilities.

Feedback for this article is open. You can share your career story with our readers here. Let them know about your journey in IT sector so that they can get some guidelines to enter the field.

About Author: Jessica Cyrus is working as a Senior Software Tester in Nexsoftsys – an Offshore Software Development Company in India. Jessica has M.S. Degree in Computer Science and she likes to write and share technical content. She has an experience of 5 years in Software QA Testing.

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