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A Journey of WordPress 4.0, “Benny”


WordPress 4.0 is available with name “Benny” after jazz musician Benny Goodman. This latest version of WordPress are in the process of upgrading by millions of sites. This year, WordPress 4.0 may be considered as one of the important update notwithstanding WordPress itself have talked about the importance of the .0 version number.
Changes to the UI, some intriguing additions and enhancements to the writing experience, has changed in this version. The 4.0 beta version was released on July 10th that was announced in April. Apart from, three further beta Versions was released over the next month that fixes some bugs that inevitably creep in when user are making this many revisions.
Lastly, at the end of August, the first release candidate crept out and final release was scheduled at the end of last week. A fairly punishing release schedule is maintained by WordPress that pushes a new version every few months. That simply means they have enough experience of hitting deadlines and estimating timescales and hitting deadlines. But, you have to think about the precision of scheduling in such case as it is one of the strong sign of smooth development cycle comes with some excellent surprises.


Theme Customizer or just Customizer is the most important and worth mentioning areas. Customizer is the latest introduced grouping for Customizer elements that allow WordPress theme and plug-in developers to enhance the product’s UI by grouping related elements together.
That such things have been done with the Panels API by grouping together into a Widget panel in this way. You can use Panel by grouping sections together just like sections control together. Such idea is simply and has easy to understand UIs for plug-ins and themes that use the Customizer. The best thing is Customizer’s API helps to create customizable WP themes for the first time with an ease.

Media management

Those people, who like to share media will be happy as it comes with the latest media embedding feature. Until now, they are embedding YouTube videos, Tweets, and so on through coding and after that post would have to preview for checking the results.
Now, you will find simply embed in the Edit Post panel and the media will be seen right side. The best thing is you will see improved Media management in WordPress 4.0. Users will see an enhanced grid of endlessly scrolling thumbnails, once they browse Media Library.
In addition, you can also click on a thumbnail to see a detailed shot and move through the uploaded media one item at a time. Users can also view video, if they have uploaded in the dashboard.

Writing experience

When you fire up with WordPress 4.0, the first thing you will see is the vastly improved writing experience. We all know that writing in WordPress is not common. Most of the people are writing in their chosen format and then they are exporting to WordPress. However, a few users back has made the improvements a few users back.
Now, you will find a sticky header and footer in the dashboard and thus, you don’t have to scroll up or down for reaching to the formatting alternative or checking your word count. Though, it is small thing, but helps you in your overall experience.

Plugin discovery

The brand new way of browsing plugins is the most appealing revisions in WordPress 4.0 and you will be surprise to know that this is the first update after 5 years in this area. Moreover, you will also find the old search option in this latest version. However, there are number of additions designed that helps you to search out lesser known solutions.
Users can filter plug-ins by Popular, Newest, Featured, and Favourites. Besides, they can read reviews in the dashboard. The importance of this is to increase diversity in the plug-ins that being used among the community. Developers have a great chance to pick up new users, if they are new in developing plug-ins or unsuccessful in creating follow-ups.

Global installation

One of the most essential addition in this version is to choose a language for installation. Until now, one can only have in US-English. This simply means now WordPress enjoys a large number of user base globally and this is a huge necessary for those people, who are making a living out of WordPress.
These are some important features that available with latest WordPress 4.0 version. If you want to know more about this latest update then check out this video:

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