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Kick Bad WordPress Developer After Noticing 5 Dangerous Signs


While hiring any WordPress developer, you should consider some essential points. Choosing a bad developer shows you signs through which you come to know how actually bad he/she is. You should be smart to catch those signs and make safe yourself from any trouble.

Yes!! The Same Answer of All Questions

If you are always getting answer is in YES, then you surely invites a big problem at your doorstep. Those developers, who only say yes, don’t do anything and their yes is of no use. It is always better that your developer first researches your project and then give a positive reply.

Lack of Communication Skills

Having a good communication power is not to maintain strong relation with clients. A project can only be successful, if developer communicates with his co-workers and clients on daily basis. If clients are facing such kind of problem, it is advisable to fix it soon. It is must to communicate with developers 3-4 times and ask for details for the betterment of your project.

Forget to Sign Contract

There are developers that don’t sign any contract. They say that they don’t have any contract but they will make once they start working. In such case, you should ask them to sign contract before start any working for your project. Furthermore, if he is providing you contract by his own then go through the contract carefully before signing it.

Bad in Coding

Ohhh…this is the biggest problem you might face. If you are finding that your developer is a bad coder then don’t hesitate to advice from another developer. It would be great to ask your other developer to review work and if other developer doesn’t find it impressive then immediately stop your project and assign new developer.

Working At the Last Minute

Ensure to provide deadline to your developer and make sure that he/she complete their work on time. It is advisable to take note of what he/she is doing on regular basis. There are many developers don’t start their work, if you don’t provide them deadline. Thus, lot of time will be wasted and money as well.

No doubt, one can find many good developers from reputed Web development Company. But, you just have to aware of bad WordPress developers. If you are finding difficulty to find experienced and talented developer then Contact US Now!!

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Publish on May 13 2014