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5 Things to Make Mobile App Flawlessly with Offshore Company

Clients usually believe that their product will be delivered as expected and on time but reverse is always true. This depends on many factors affecting your app, i.e. limited skill of app developers you are working with, unchecked feasibility of some features, lack of process model & testing.

One should never forget that Offshore mobile development reduces the development cost upto 60% but finding the right partner should be the ultimate goal so it is recommended that you clear the following 5 things with your development partner.

Is your requirement well understood?

Many projects, sink in the ocean of failure due to the fact they are not understood well so few things your development partner has to confirm that the requirements are well understood and gathered into pieces usually, stories.

understand requirement

You are at one corner of the world and offshore company is oceans away so, few sessions over video/audio conferencing is viable.

Is your vision being conveyed to team properly?

Your app cannot be delivered 100% if it is not realized as a product by the development company. So,you should not miss to have a dedicated team who is ready to understand the project and get things done on your behalf.

Who should be the attendees in meeting to understand requirements?

Product owner & system analyst are the least expected attendees in the meeting. The combination of these two always work as your system is interpreted at all the contexts i.e. competitive market, existing technology trends, feasibility check and potential features that can be added.

GoToMeeting & Uber conference are the best voice communication tools for remote teams.

Is your idea convinced to UI/UX designer?

If requirements are understood well then the product owner is the responsible person to convey your vision to designers.

UI UX designer

Your Role in Design

Your involvement should be minimum but it gets maximum because there is no product owner who can act as the owner of your app and this is the usual case in 90% apps being outsourced. Your app suffers with too many iterations and rework.

So, select the product owner who can come up with an experienced UI designer familiar with design guidelines of iOS and Android so that you can get desired user experience.

Photoshop is the most commonly used tool for designing user interface and the new emerging tool you can recommend to designers is Sketch app.

What are the testing practices of your offshore partner?

It’s true as much as you test, your app has to be robust but this happens only if your dev. partner has enough skill-set to invest in testing.

testing practices

Ex: A normal E-commerce app once developed and passed to test team should have more than 100 bugs (logical, crashes & design bugs) on board else it means the testing is not done properly.

100 bugs can be raised only if your test team has gone through all testing procedures like functional tests, black box test, performance test & regression testing.

Usually, bugs are fixed in batches for instance, if development team fixes 100 raised bugs then it’s much likely that 20% of them will reoccur and 10% will be introduced as new ones.

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Many startups failed due to lack of testing & understanding. The outcome of the app is not what was expected.

Below are the question you should ask your development partner

  • 1. Will you provide test cases?
  • 2. Will you perform unit tests?
  • 3. Will you do regression testing on a regular basis?
  • 4. How will you tally that all requirements are met?
  • 5. Will you refactor your code?
  • 6. Will you perform code-review to erase chances of potential logical bugs?
  • 7. Are you going to use cross platform or native development?

Above are the mandatory questions you never avoid before getting started. And following are the practices your offshore partner should not avoid:

Usability Testing – This has to be performed by test team to check the responsiveness of touch experiences and inputs in your app.

Regression Testing – Testing to be done as and when changes are made by developers. This is the most important test required in building successful apps.

In conjunction to above testing practices every software is to be functional tested to find defects.

What will be your process model?

Many development firms claim to be agile but it’s not always true. Process are intended to make software flow smoothly from initial stage to deployment rather chaos at all the stages. But processes are successful when requirements are thoroughly understood and on the other side product owner is ready to get things conveyed.

process model

Mobile projects can be developed better in iterative model only, unlike legacy apps where requirements are defined and never changes during development.

The iterative model of Agile method will always take your project include new features over the period without any hassle.

Mobile Apps are vulnerable to competition, frequently updating devices and operating systems. As soon as the new operation system or device is introduced in the market your app will require to have potential features to be added to meet user’s engagement.

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If your development partner has got the product owner and fulfils all we discussed in above then you are less likely to worry for process in your app. This is because product owner is the part of agile scrum framework.

This blog is not about agile development but to provide knowledge to our readers who want to get started with app development.

What will be your development strategies?

Finally, you must ask the offshore team about the development strategies. To ask this question not only the offshore team but you also need to know about the design patterns of software development.

Design patters are structural and creational, MVC is the most commonly used structural pattern in iOS and Android development.

development strategies

Why development strategy is crucial?

Main aim of implementing design patterns is to gain scalability and reusability so your app is always ready for frequent updates with new features.

For this, tech lead and project leader has to work together. The design pattern is to be like an engine of train that can lead many attachable components so in future more features can be added easily.

Finally, the main idea of this blog is to find perfect match for your upcoming project. If your project is achieved against all requirements then there is nothing better than it. Your vision can only be converted to real product if someone at development team side owns it.

Perception System has experience of more than 13 years in software development and is always ready for your web, software & mobile app development with what we discussed in this article.

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